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I am a band director at five private schools in Kankakee. Music is a big part of my life, but knitting and crafting are right up there too. I own a ridiculous stash of yarn, which I am slowly using... and replacing with better yarn... I tend to knit and crochet a lot, in class, out of class, while watching tv, while driving, pretty much constantly. I have been involved with crochet romantically for 15 years, and involved with knitting for 11 years. They sometimes get jealous of each other. I think its funny. Along with knitting and crocheting, I quilt, spin (drop spindle) and design patterns!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting back into the knit of things

Its been a tough semester so far. Practicum has been nuts, getting ready for this recital even more so. In the past two months I have had strep twice, and salmonella poisoning. So I missed school for a week straight. But now I'm healthy, caught up in school work, and attempting to get where I need to get with practicing.

But for now, heres some knitting.
This is the Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf by Sivia. I started it today, and so far I love it. I cant get a good picture of it, and it looks messy cause it isnt blocked yet, but its getting there!
Sideways heart!
You can kinda see the side pattern here.
And I finished this up today, Demiluna Shawl by Lhevinne Amor. I used Jojoland Melody, and I really love how the stripes worked with the pattern.
This is a shawl that I actually think I'm going to be wearing in the near future.
Welp. Off to bed. Got a long day of classes, and then off to Carlyle high school so I can continue instructing the drum line... wooooo

Knit on.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catch up

The school year has literally crashed over me like a giant wave... Knitting has become scarce, other than once a week at knitting club.

But I have a couple projects that I have been finishing up. I am working on a stashbuster skinny scarf, which I leave over at my boyfriends apartment to work on when I am bored over there. I leave it there because him and his roommate smoke (not really ok with it, but I fe
el that nagging wont help him quit!) so everything I bring over ends up reeking of cigarettes. So I only bring simple crappy projects.

Heres some of the things I am working on, please excuse the crappy camera phone pics, my camera is at the bf's....

This is the Demiluna Shawl by Lhevinne Amor. It is my knitting club project, since the only time I get to work on it is during knitting club. I am excited to get it finished as I am on the border finally!

This is some yarn I am currently spinning. Spinning is a slow process for me since I never really have time and when I do, I would rather knit than spin. I am a self taught spinner, and while I know my yarn isn't perfect, I can still knit it up and it looks great!

I just did this project as a stash buster. I hate this yarn, and yet I have so much of it. It stretches out in a plain knit fabric so I decided to use this patter, which reminds me of crochet blanket stitch.

I also have a baby blanket going, which is almost done. ummmm...

Senior percussion recital is December 5th. 2 pm.
Be there. It will be awesome.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What a week

Salmonella poisoning is not fun.

Especially when the idiots at health services prescribe and antibiotic that attacks the good bacteria in your intestines.

Leaving the bad bacteria to run a muk.

going on the 8th day of not being able to really do anything but sit around in a ball and pray that I don't fail my classes and I am able to practice enough when I get better for my recital.

Stupid egg.