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I am a band director at five private schools in Kankakee. Music is a big part of my life, but knitting and crafting are right up there too. I own a ridiculous stash of yarn, which I am slowly using... and replacing with better yarn... I tend to knit and crochet a lot, in class, out of class, while watching tv, while driving, pretty much constantly. I have been involved with crochet romantically for 15 years, and involved with knitting for 11 years. They sometimes get jealous of each other. I think its funny. Along with knitting and crocheting, I quilt, spin (drop spindle) and design patterns!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Chair!

So, I love my craft room.  I love all the cross stitches and embroidery all over my walls, I love my bookshelf (though that bugger will be painted when it starts getting warmer outside). I love my drafting table for my quilting board, and I love my tiny ironing board.

I hate my sewing table and chair.  Whenever I use my sewing machine, my table vibrates.  Full out vibrates... Thats what you get when you are using a folding table!  My chair is the matching set of the folding table, so as you can imagine it is very uncomfortable.

Whenever I sew, I worry that because of the bouncing, my sewing is not as great as it could be. (so the table is the next thing I need replaced!)

Dad visited yesterday, to fix my non working oven (sigh...) hang a painting, fix my garage door, and my front door.  He brought a chair that he found in the next door neighbors garbage.   My family dumpster dives. 6 month old vacuum cleaner, that only needed a belt.  Valued at $600. Replace the belt, and it works.  Why would you turn that down?!?

He brought a beautiful sturdy chair, which really just needed new fabric.  So I took care of that today!

Cute right? The fabric looks iccky though, and I do not allow iccky!
Gross right? 

Took off the cushion, and didnt look too bad, so removed and tossed the fabric, sprayed down the particle board with  a bleach mixture to get rid of the decolorations, and let it dry.

Cushion looks pretty good, and its squishy!

New fabric added and stapled!  Not professional, but works for me!

My new chair! 


 I love it so much! I am glad I got off my tukus to figure it out!