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I am a band director at five private schools in Kankakee. Music is a big part of my life, but knitting and crafting are right up there too. I own a ridiculous stash of yarn, which I am slowly using... and replacing with better yarn... I tend to knit and crochet a lot, in class, out of class, while watching tv, while driving, pretty much constantly. I have been involved with crochet romantically for 15 years, and involved with knitting for 11 years. They sometimes get jealous of each other. I think its funny. Along with knitting and crocheting, I quilt, spin (drop spindle) and design patterns!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

So Its been a while

But that doesn't mean I've stopped with the knitting and crocheting.

We just had our second annual scarf/hat/blanket sale for KKPSI.

We upped the prices a bit because 8 dollars for a hat, that took at least 3 dollars to buy the materials and 3 hours to make it, just didnt seem like enough.
Last year we made $422, and this year, while we sold less, we broke even and made 4o more than last year!
So it was a pretty good sale, we even made it into the newspaper at school!

I also was elected to be treasurer for KKPSI so I brought up the idea of having another sale right after Christmas vacation in a different building on campus, instead of Doudna, (Fine Arts Building) just because we don't get different varieties of people coming through the fine arts building

But now for an update on some of the new scarves, hats, etc.

A hat I made for Pats sister, Colleen. Well for her to give to a friend who had a baby.
The blanket I made to go along with it, well this is what she asked me to make for her friend and I added the hat. Confused yet?
It's a log cabin baby blanket, the colors are a little off, more almost easter looking than this is showing, but its soft and didnt take too long to make.
Matching scarf and hat made with a type of mohair that I can't remember for the life of me.
The matching hat!

matching hat and scarf, with a horizontal ribbing, Took forever to finish though, because I was using my new bloodwood 10.5 knitting needles, and I didn't want to break them, so it wasn't a project i carried around with me. The hat that matches!
Sharon called dibs on this hat as soon as I finished it! Seed stitch at the bottem, really simple.
I jsut finished this vest a couple weeks ago, no pattern or anything, but I don't like how thick the neckline is... so I might go back and rip it out and fix it up... not sure yet because I don't have alot of time to do it...

And these are only a few of the projects I've been kicking out recently!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crafts during the summer

Toeless socks, I guess girls could wear them with flip flops, and I heard their great for getting manicures!

Blue ribbed scarf, its warm and stretchy!
Purple and white rolled side scarf, warm and thick.
Gator gloves! I saw the pattern in a stitch and bitch book and decided it was time to make something interesting. thus the adorable result! Their child size, and if I put my hands in them the ribbing on the bottem goes over the wide part of my hands, but it still fits!

I love them!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

little diddy

This was a pretty cool pattern that I discovered online. Its a thick braided scarf with two strands of yarn. Its comfy and cushie and I really just loved how fast it knit up.

My first double knit anything! i love it, and it was fun. Took a long time and i realized that unless you do something on the sides, it will just be two fabrics with some stiches connecting.

one side of the heart

and the other side. It was a pretty cool project and I'm glad Pat left me alone long enough to actually figure out how to work it! lol

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expanding my smartness.... lol

I recently grew tired of the quick three hour hats done on size 10.5 needles... I'm not quite sure why and I'm sure I'll regret it. I went onto knitpicks.com and purchased a good amount of yarn... a really good amount... there on starting my yarn buying spree....

but heres a few things that I upped my previous knowledge on...

This is the hat I made for Pat when he asked me to make him something to match his scarf.

The thing that makes me happy is he actually
wears it... makes a girl proud!
And this is a hat that I bought ungodly expensive yarn on...
I love the yarn and the pattern... who wouldnt???
I worked it on size 5 needles, and got it done within a week or two. It was exciting to see the colors change... I know I'm a nerd!
And while most knitters have seen this youtube clip.... I just rediscovered it!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

some other things

I saw this pattern and fell in love with it. It calls for a solid color and then where I used pinkit actually calls for multiple colors.

I liked how it turned out though. It wasnt difficult but it took longer than any of the hats I've made before, tiny needles, and brand new yarn I treated myself to ordered online. This is a keeper.

Made for the fundraiser and sold pretty fast.

also made for the fundraiser and sold on the first day...

and same with this hat. these three hats are made from the same two skeins of yarn, actually a yarn designed by Vanna White. and it's probably one I plan on purchasing again.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

i completely forgot

Phish called me last night and asked me this

'If I go to Walmart and buy some yarn to match the scarve you made me, will you make me a hat to match?'

hes awesome

Christmas gifts

So along with the fundraiser, I also had some big plans for gifts.

My boyfriend is.. how do I put this lightly.... obsessed with spiderman. I decided to take a huge leap off a building and make him something to do with spiderman.

It took over... oh god, had to be over 60 hours. I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and that was the majority of the time over christmas break, that I worked on it. In between him coming over and taking care of me. I'd be on the couch and be working on it, and then hed ring the doorbell and since i was on so many drugs my parents would start walking to answer the door.
In which occasion i would motion for them to hide the blanket in a frenzy. it was pretty great.

this would by my second kitty who wouldnt leave me alone the entire time i was working on it...

This is the finished project. The pattern I went off of called for crochetted stripes going from the center to the points, but I didnt really like that idea and decided not to.

Its now draped over his couch here in Charleston.

The next gift I decided on was for my best friend up in Berwyn.
See one of the songs thats kinda a tradition for us is rock lobster. Especially in came the narwhal.

so to go along with that whole idea, i finally found a lobster pattern, http://dirigo.wordpress.com/2007/12/17/free-pattern-toy-lobster/
and i went nuts, it was simple, and yet doesnt really look it. I apperently made it before the pattern was rewritten so my tails a little shorter but she loved it.

Pats mom asked if I could knit his sister a hat and scarf. It was actually brought up at Christmas dinner, and I had started a scarf and she was interested. So i finished knitting the scarf and made the hat and got it to her just in time.

For Christmas my friend louie bought me one of the greatest books in the history of books, 'Not Tonight Darling I'm Knitting' and I'm still working on reading it. LOVE IT!

I also started sewing a buncha lot. I went to Borders while I was waiting for my brother to get outta a doctors appointment..... BAD IDEA!!! i ended up spending a few much needed bucks on sewing books.
'Plush You' by Kristen Rask, which is an amazing book on just all these projects others have made and some patterns, and 'The Cute Book' by Aranzi Aronzo, which is a book on felt mascots.

so I decided to expand my crafts.
this is Amy the amoeba. Random yes, fun yes, something absolutely new? yeaasasas

With polka dots.....

Me and Amy during a face mask party, aka liz came over and wanted to sleep over, working in the hat for Colleen

Believe it or not theres more.... I just dont have the pictures on this computer yet>....

Been a while

So its been a pretty hectic holiday, and I'm finally able to tone down the crafts. Good thing too, my hands have never been so sore.

The fraturnity I'm in, KKPSI, a music service fratunity, decided that they wanted to have a fundraiser after Christmas break. See I knit constantly, during business meetings, when I'm watching tv, when I should be practicing, when I should be doing homework... and they know it. So since I have a stockpile of projects that dont have a home, they decided, why not. So I brought a few of my FO's back to school with me.

A few hats and some scarves. The presidents mom was the other person who contributed her crochetted scarves to the event. She had about 22 scarves, and in the end I donated about 22 hats and scarves, a few matching sets.

We were stationed in Coleman, which is the language building here at Eastern, and were set up for Tues, Weds, Thurs, and Fri.

The first day we sold over a hundred dollars worth, the second day we sold out of all the hats, so I was able to knit a couple more in time for them to seel out within the day again. The third day we were moved to the other side of the building, and sold nothing. The last day we almost sold out.

while we were selling everything for pretty cheap, since they figured that these are all college students, hats were 10. scarves were 15, and if they wanted a set it would be 20.
the total of all that was sold was 420.
which surprised us all

but the greatest thing that happened of all is what the fraturnity decided.

I am newly a percussion education major. For a year and a half I was working as a clarinet educaiton major, and it just wasnt working out for me. I've played clarinet for over 10 years, but it just wasnt working as my major. I've been in a few percussion ensembles and marched WGI with Americanos in 2006, and it was just something I came to college wanting to do. long story short I wimped out and went to clarinet.

so now that I changed my emphasis, I need to buy mallets and music, the rents don't necessarily understand the need for different mallets so they dont relaly want to pay for it. I was left in a pickle of a situation. I brought it up to Kappa, and this is what was decided.

Half of all the profits from the fundraiser would go to me.

I was in shock cause i wasnt even asking for that, I was just... in awe...

I recieved a check for 211 this week, and I almost passed out. (then again I was suffering from the flu, and had passed out earlier that day LOL)

so that is going to the much needed mallet pile.

I have pictures from that fundraiser
PhotobucketThats Alice Scott and I working the table.
PhotobucketAlice and I, notice me starting a new hat? I had three hours before my first class, we sold outta hats, and it was also nice that the buyers saw it really was all handmade.

Scooter looking at me knitting, he seemed to be interested in what I was doing.

He finally decided he wanted to see and ask what I was doing. CHECK!

This is that hat that I finished within the few hours, and as soon as I left someone bought it.

I also made one more hat that same day to try and up the buisiness

Thats it for the fundraiser!