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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Christmas gifts

So along with the fundraiser, I also had some big plans for gifts.

My boyfriend is.. how do I put this lightly.... obsessed with spiderman. I decided to take a huge leap off a building and make him something to do with spiderman.

It took over... oh god, had to be over 60 hours. I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and that was the majority of the time over christmas break, that I worked on it. In between him coming over and taking care of me. I'd be on the couch and be working on it, and then hed ring the doorbell and since i was on so many drugs my parents would start walking to answer the door.
In which occasion i would motion for them to hide the blanket in a frenzy. it was pretty great.

this would by my second kitty who wouldnt leave me alone the entire time i was working on it...

This is the finished project. The pattern I went off of called for crochetted stripes going from the center to the points, but I didnt really like that idea and decided not to.

Its now draped over his couch here in Charleston.

The next gift I decided on was for my best friend up in Berwyn.
See one of the songs thats kinda a tradition for us is rock lobster. Especially in came the narwhal.

so to go along with that whole idea, i finally found a lobster pattern, http://dirigo.wordpress.com/2007/12/17/free-pattern-toy-lobster/
and i went nuts, it was simple, and yet doesnt really look it. I apperently made it before the pattern was rewritten so my tails a little shorter but she loved it.

Pats mom asked if I could knit his sister a hat and scarf. It was actually brought up at Christmas dinner, and I had started a scarf and she was interested. So i finished knitting the scarf and made the hat and got it to her just in time.

For Christmas my friend louie bought me one of the greatest books in the history of books, 'Not Tonight Darling I'm Knitting' and I'm still working on reading it. LOVE IT!

I also started sewing a buncha lot. I went to Borders while I was waiting for my brother to get outta a doctors appointment..... BAD IDEA!!! i ended up spending a few much needed bucks on sewing books.
'Plush You' by Kristen Rask, which is an amazing book on just all these projects others have made and some patterns, and 'The Cute Book' by Aranzi Aronzo, which is a book on felt mascots.

so I decided to expand my crafts.
this is Amy the amoeba. Random yes, fun yes, something absolutely new? yeaasasas

With polka dots.....

Me and Amy during a face mask party, aka liz came over and wanted to sleep over, working in the hat for Colleen

Believe it or not theres more.... I just dont have the pictures on this computer yet>....

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