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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Been a while

So its been a pretty hectic holiday, and I'm finally able to tone down the crafts. Good thing too, my hands have never been so sore.

The fraturnity I'm in, KKPSI, a music service fratunity, decided that they wanted to have a fundraiser after Christmas break. See I knit constantly, during business meetings, when I'm watching tv, when I should be practicing, when I should be doing homework... and they know it. So since I have a stockpile of projects that dont have a home, they decided, why not. So I brought a few of my FO's back to school with me.

A few hats and some scarves. The presidents mom was the other person who contributed her crochetted scarves to the event. She had about 22 scarves, and in the end I donated about 22 hats and scarves, a few matching sets.

We were stationed in Coleman, which is the language building here at Eastern, and were set up for Tues, Weds, Thurs, and Fri.

The first day we sold over a hundred dollars worth, the second day we sold out of all the hats, so I was able to knit a couple more in time for them to seel out within the day again. The third day we were moved to the other side of the building, and sold nothing. The last day we almost sold out.

while we were selling everything for pretty cheap, since they figured that these are all college students, hats were 10. scarves were 15, and if they wanted a set it would be 20.
the total of all that was sold was 420.
which surprised us all

but the greatest thing that happened of all is what the fraturnity decided.

I am newly a percussion education major. For a year and a half I was working as a clarinet educaiton major, and it just wasnt working out for me. I've played clarinet for over 10 years, but it just wasnt working as my major. I've been in a few percussion ensembles and marched WGI with Americanos in 2006, and it was just something I came to college wanting to do. long story short I wimped out and went to clarinet.

so now that I changed my emphasis, I need to buy mallets and music, the rents don't necessarily understand the need for different mallets so they dont relaly want to pay for it. I was left in a pickle of a situation. I brought it up to Kappa, and this is what was decided.

Half of all the profits from the fundraiser would go to me.

I was in shock cause i wasnt even asking for that, I was just... in awe...

I recieved a check for 211 this week, and I almost passed out. (then again I was suffering from the flu, and had passed out earlier that day LOL)

so that is going to the much needed mallet pile.

I have pictures from that fundraiser
PhotobucketThats Alice Scott and I working the table.
PhotobucketAlice and I, notice me starting a new hat? I had three hours before my first class, we sold outta hats, and it was also nice that the buyers saw it really was all handmade.

Scooter looking at me knitting, he seemed to be interested in what I was doing.

He finally decided he wanted to see and ask what I was doing. CHECK!

This is that hat that I finished within the few hours, and as soon as I left someone bought it.

I also made one more hat that same day to try and up the buisiness

Thats it for the fundraiser!

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