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I am a band director at five private schools in Kankakee. Music is a big part of my life, but knitting and crafting are right up there too. I own a ridiculous stash of yarn, which I am slowly using... and replacing with better yarn... I tend to knit and crochet a lot, in class, out of class, while watching tv, while driving, pretty much constantly. I have been involved with crochet romantically for 15 years, and involved with knitting for 11 years. They sometimes get jealous of each other. I think its funny. Along with knitting and crocheting, I quilt, spin (drop spindle) and design patterns!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

if i were a animal i would be a worm, not sure why

my beautiful newly made blister on my pointer finger from the tiny needles...
newest scarf, $10

more scrap yarn creations

Thursday, November 23, 2006

2 scarves and a pair of gloves in 2 days. wowers

i was bored and knit these up today, made my own pattern, got rid of some extra yarn
if anyone wants them they are warm, i might just keep em! 13
new scarf, another scrap one, stash is going down
close up sexy shot, this ones for sale 20.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The best part of waking up isn't Folger's in your cup. It's the fact that Chuck Norris didn't kill you in your sleep.

theres always those times where you crochet or knit something you really like. especially if it works up fast. i started this uhhhh yesterday night and just finished the fringe up today, while of course starting another scrap scarve. but hey its a great freaking way to get rid of the little itsy balls of yarn i have floating around my room, and it works up really quick!

this is more true to the color i gave it!
the beautiful fringeness,
probably selling this for about 20, but i would love to actually have interest in wearing it cause i love it so much!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

some new projects

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sale 9 just another one of my yarn destashing hats, its soft, comfy, and wild
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sale 20 the story of this purse... i made it without a pattern and it turned out great. then i lost it, and didnt think aobut it for about a year. when it turned up again i realized i never put lining in it. so i trudged over to hancock fabris and looked. didnt find anything, i was going for the hawaiin theme, but nothing worked. sooo after giving up liz drags me to hancock again. and lo and behold she finds a fabric, one that is not hawaiin, but kinda funky. and it worked out great!
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sale 15 dream swatch, made three scarves out of the pattern and by the time i was finishing the third i wanted to break all my fingers and stab my eyes out. it got really old fast
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sale 15 some yarn my mom got me as a present, i love this hat, wore it once just cause it was freaking cold outside, but im not one for hats...
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sale 10 funky bumpy yarn. but hellllo soft
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sold christmas gift for a college buddy
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sale 10 fine yarn, almost lacey, not very warm but cute anyways
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i dont think im selling this blanket, unless someons willing to pay around 50, but i cant take any less of an offer. took forever to make, plus i got lazy, i was gona keep going but i thought its huge anyways, why add on more?