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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sick and Lethargic!

Forgive me, but I really have no motivation this week to do a podcast. I have been in and out of feeling ickky and sleepy, and in my free time I pass out!

But I really really really want to show you some things I have been working on!

Steve got his socks this weekend, and turns out I could have made them much longer! But he was really happy with them, and wore them every night I was there! I made him wear slippers so his icky carpet wouldnt dirty them, but he seemed to love them, so I am happy!

Kitty was not so fond of the socks though....

Now I was working on some fiber from Sunset Fibers Roving of the month club. 4 ounces of merino wool that was just absolutely awesome to work with! I was able to get a whopping 489 yards with it, and I am very happy with the results.
It was spun with a drop spindle, and took literally forever... oih.

Glad it is done though! BECAUSSSEEEE.......
I bought myself a spinning wheel!! I have been saving up for this wheel since the beginning of my job, and once The Yarn Studio started selling wheels I knew it was going to happen.

So I went over to the YS this past weekend and the owner Jeanette had the wheel set up already, and showed me how to spin with some scrap fiber.
The gray part of the yarn is what I spun, the red is just plain commercial wool. But it gives you an idea of how even I was able to get it. Soooo much easier than drop spindle! I am so happy!

Once I got home and Steve got out of the hospital... (long story) I started spinning some 100% wool that I purchased when I got the wheel. I was able to finish it in 2 days, and I love the result.
I was able to get 266 yards before I filled up my bobbins, and even though I can't stand how rough the yarn is, I absolutely love it.
So I was very excited about it.
I have started spinning up some roving from WoolGatherings (http://www.etsy.com/transaction/56781947) This is how much I have gotten so far. I have been moving slow recently. If I knit or spin I get sleepy within five minutes and want to take a nap... I think I am getting sick, but I don't know yet! It might just be the weather. Gah.

That is all I have for today, I do have some In progress items I am knitting, but the light is just not right in my apartment and will not do it justice. Until next time!

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