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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I need help

OK first things first, i recieved this (pardon the awful copy paste job) from my aunt. If im correct its a knitting machine, but how do i use it? i have directions... but its all in german, and my mom knows german, she doesnt know knitting.... so anything that could be useful would be useful.
Also--------> this all came with it and im not auite sure what it all is, so like i said! i will marry anyone who can help me in english!
the brand name of the machine is 'Empiral Knitmaster' mod 323 and No. D413465


Tvini said...

Is there a brand name anywhere on it? You can occasionally find original docs on eBay, or perhaps write to the manufacturer to see if they have any.

Hedgemom said...

Yes, it's a knitting machine. And you don't need to know how to knit to use it.

Basically, the yarn travels from a cone or center pull ball, over a wire tensioner and down through the gate of the carriage. The carriage moves back and forth over the needles, creating stockinette.

There is a ton of information on the web about the Bond knitting machine. Most of the techniques will work for the one you have, which appears to be a Studio or Silver Reed type machine.

Needles have three positions. All the way flat against the backstop means they are not working and they won't knit. About halfway out they are in working position and will knit. All the way out they are in HOLD position and will cause those stitches to not knit and floats to create over them. That makes a tuck stitch and is very pretty.

E-wrap can be used as a cast on. E-wrap left to right on needles in HOLD position, wrap around the shank, not the hook. Move the needles gently back to work position, put the cone BEHIND the machine, the thread runs from the working needles on the left up through the middle of the carriage on the right side of the board, from bottom to top and then through the tensioner, to the cone. Gently, slowly push the carriage to the left and it should knit one row. The fabric you're creating will need weights hung on it to keep it from popping off the needles. To do the next row you move the carriage from left to right.

The garter side of the stockinette faces you so you always see the wrong sige of the fabric.

So check your supplies for the following:

the needleboard
transfer tools (look like big needles with eyes and no point held in a handle)
latch hook (just like a rug latch)
tensioner (a wire that hooks to the back of the needleboard)

Row counter
Punch patterns
Intarsia carriage and lace carriage
yarn holder

Sorry I couldn't be more help

longacc said...

I was going to say the same thing. Sometimes if you type in a model number you can find either online instructions or manuals. There are a lot of machine knitting links out there. This one, http://charmknits.com/, has over 300 links which could be overwhelming at first. This site has manuals and parts: http://www.yarn-store.com/knitting-machines.html
Take time to learn about your machine. It's easy enough to get frustrated even when you have instructions. It takes time to know what it should feel like as the carriage moves across the needles and to set up a rhythm.