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I am a band director at five private schools in Kankakee. Music is a big part of my life, but knitting and crafting are right up there too. I own a ridiculous stash of yarn, which I am slowly using... and replacing with better yarn... I tend to knit and crochet a lot, in class, out of class, while watching tv, while driving, pretty much constantly. I have been involved with crochet romantically for 15 years, and involved with knitting for 11 years. They sometimes get jealous of each other. I think its funny. Along with knitting and crocheting, I quilt, spin (drop spindle) and design patterns!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dramatic Knits Musical Swap!

I met up with my mom today for dinner, and she had quite a few packages for me since I have all my bulky mail sent to the rents place so it does not get stolen from my apartment.

I opened up the first box and squeeeeeed!

Beaglemomknitter sent me an awesome package! I put down that my two favorite musicals were phantom of the opera and A New Brain.

Phantom was the first musical I ever saw when I was young. Then the first cassette tape I ever owned. Then the first CD I ever owned. (second was beach boys haha)

A New Brain is a musical about a homosexual composer (Gordon) who writes music for a Barney like character named Mr. Bungee who is a frog. Mr. Bungee is... for loss of better words the biggest dick boss ever. Gordon have a brain aneurysm which could kill him if the surgeries go wrong. The overbearing, overprotective mother is exactly who my mother would be if I was very ill. The whole musical is about love, life, and music. It just.... I love it. It's absolutely my favorite musical.

She did a great job with the swap package!
An adorable knitted frog, which my kitten took a liking to! :)

Awesome froggy stitch markers
A phantom of the Opera Coaster/tile, and rose scented soap.

I couldnt be happier! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

the word...A Lot... confuses a lot of people. Teachers included. And teachers should know how to spell even if they are talented in other ways.
So, this might help you think in terms of a lot. A lot of people knit. A lot of people crochet. But a lot of people don't do both.

A Lot; two separate words TWO SEPARATE WORDS, A LOT. :)
Phantom was/is my favorite also!

luganknitter said...

Why thank you. But for the record, I am a band instructor, not an english teacher. :)

Knit Kimber Knit said...

I think you are an amazing teacher who loves what you do. Thank you for educating and caring for our future.

I love reading about your life, in a non creepy way of course.

(see hater, people can leave nice comments on blogs)

luganknitter said...

I appreciate that Knit Kimber Knit!!! It is nice to hear positive every once in a while!

Sandie said...

Adorable stitch markers! Love your blog ~ keep sharing, please.

Oh, and btw?

A lot of people spell perfectly, and a lot of people leave rude comments on blogs, but a lot of people don't do both. :)

luganknitter said...

haha Thanks Sandie!