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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I realize I have not posted anything in a loooong time.

Life caught up to me with not feeling good, and not having any free time during the daylight to take pictures of things I have been working on....

But I wanted to have someone back me up on what I am giving up for Lent. If I don't post this, I won't keep it up!

I am giving up fast food, and non diet soda. That is all.
In the past couple months I have been eating more fast food because I have been so tired after work. I sit down and knit and don't feel like eating even though I am hungry. So I started getting in the habit of just going through a drive through and getting a quick dinner.

No more. NO MORE!

I will cook every meal, and if I am really really tired, Something like Lean Cuisine will work (even though the sodium skyrockets...)

So far its been great!

I just need to do something better for myself. This is the best way.

Now that I am feeling better, I will also get back to the gym.... It's been.... over a month... ugh


Renee Anne said...

If you do eat TV dinners, don't forget to compensate for the sodium by drinking more water. People always forget that (including me)...unless you're my husband and he was actually told that he needs more sodium.

But he's a weirdo.

We need to get better about cooking our meals at home, too.

luganknitter said...

Absolutely right about the salt. My old college roomate would just eat LC constantly, lunch and dinner every night. But she didnt drink much water and was wondering why she couldnt seem to lose weight. It's because she got so darn bloated because of the salt! duuuh haha