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Thursday, June 09, 2011


It seems I have gone silent since my last post but I have good reason!

I was a couple days behind with the Germany trip, and then we left for the states! Once I got home I had to start planning with mother for my graduation party. I also met with all five principals in the schools I am going to be working at this coming year. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I feel they are giving me a bunch of freedom to mold the bands into something I think will work, so I am doing my absolute best to brainstorm.

If you have had any experience with beginning band programs please let me know what worked for you! I will need all the advice and experience I can get!

Oh, and I just put in a security deposit for an amazing 2 bed 1 bath apartment just 5 minutes down the road from the high school!!! I AM SO EXCITED!

As for the Germany trip... it is over. And I am slightly sad. I miss the people we met, all the students we visited and observed, all the places we experienced. I learned more than I could have ever hoped for and I made many new friends. So for all of my new German friends who read this blog, thank you for being so absolutely amazing! You made the stay exciting, and incredeble!

The last couple days in Germany were amazing and relaxing. We met with students from the Hauptschule. The first day we observed I believe we all felt quite overwhelmed with.... the intensity of the classes. I felt that the class I was in wanted to talk about smoking the entire time. 8th grade. smoking....

In the Gymnasium the students asked about Obama, and what Americans thought of Osama and terrorism. In the Hauptschule the students asked if we smoke cigarettes. Give you an idea of the difference?

The class was very loud, and some students did not seem to want to learn as they sat with their heads down or just stared off into space. There was more ethnicity in this school, and the hallways were covered in art. (which I loved!)

While the two classes I observed in the first day were very rowdy, the second day I was put in a class that was absolutely amazing!

We were in the hallway and two 6th graders came up to us and offered us chocolate saying "We are the student presidents of the 6th grade class, please follow us"

The class was.... not what I expected at all! These students moved around chairs for us, looked at us in awe, spoke English very well, and were very excited to learn.

They even had prepared three skits in English for us!!! The skits were hilarious, and I have them recorded but it takes so darn long to get online So when I have free time I will upload them for your enjoyment.

This is one of the skits, where the boy is writing a letter to his girlfriend. The three friends help him decide what to write (very funny) and then he decides to tell her he is going outside to play. Oh my gosh it was funny!

The next class seemed to want to ask us questions the entire 2 hours instead of do their studies. It was fine, but the questions got repetative. I noticed some of the students who were disorderly, but nothing as bad as the first day.
They asked us to sing the National Anthem. And we did. Very poorly. But better then it was at the Super Bowl I would like to think!

They proceded to since the German Anthem, which was interesting as well!

WE made it back to the Mercedes Benz museum, and it was pretty epic. It not only had the cars on display, but also had the history surrounding the cars.

Wednesday night we met up with one of the teachers from the Gymnasium, and she took us out with some more of her English teacher friends. We went to a great restaurant, and then off to one of the bars.

It was nice to be able to really get the insight of the teachers, not just the students. Then again, many of the teachers said the same thing as the students. It was so interesting!!!
I am so glad I got to meet them all, and I hope to keep in contact with them until I get to go back to Germany! Thank you so much for being so amazing!!!
Off to breakfast, then to figure out how I am going to work this band program from the ground up!!!

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