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Thursday, June 02, 2011

We didn't do much today, just climbed the Alps. NBD.

So we started out Monday with a slightly long trip to the Mercedes Benz museum. It was a hike to the train station, a little bit of a train ride, and then a hike to the Museum. We posed, and had fun with the car statue outside, each one of us getting a good picture with the car.

That got our excitement up for this museum. Until we got to the front door.

So. This museum knew we were coming, and decided it would be fun to close on Mondays so the Americans could not come in. So. The museum was closed. Lets try a different one. The Dino museum? Nope closed to.

So Olaf (our professors husband) ended up taking us all out for ice cream instead. I think it was a pretty fair trade. :)

Tuesday. Was probably the best day of my life. I mean other than the day Steve asked me out. (Don't tell him it was probably better :) )

We climbed the Alps. No Big Deal. But we climbed the Alps. In Germany.

In the middle, and a little to the left you can see Tegelberg, which is the mountain range we climbed. 1720 Meters.

On the way up you can see the Cinderella Castle (Neuswanstein) After the climb we were going to take a tour of this castle.

Me at the landing before the big climb! The view was breath taking. I want to go camping on a mountain. So badly. I want to wake up and see the view!

This is part of the view from the landing. I love how you can see all the fields, with their different crops and colors.

Part of the group that was trucking along, making sure we would get to the top soon. Little Leela there was such a trooper, if I was her age I would be complaining about the hike, but she kept going and was actually enjoying it! We did not know that we were going to be hiking. So one girl wore Ballerina flats, and Olaf wore dress shoes. I of course was all decked out in my comfy jeans, gym shoes, tee and sports bra. Just cause, when I hear the sentence "We are going to the Alps" I think, "Well we will probably have some sort of a hike." :) Thats just me though.

This is one of my favorite pictures. There is a good chance I will print this picture out and frame it. Ok there is no doubt I will print it out and frame it. How could you not?

The cross up there is where we needed to get to. There was a path for a little bit, and then as Tasha says, "S*** got real". I have conquered my fear of heights a long time ago. But after a while of climbing and hiking, I started getting nervous. We were high. Really high on that mountain. Like. For real.

Hey guys, nah its just me chilling on a mountain. It is an every day thing. I am just that cool. IM ON A MOUNTAIN!

This was when it started getting complicated. Instead of taking a nice little forest path, we had to start climbing and actually worrying about life and death situations. Once we started getting higher and realizing there was nothing holding us to the mountain except gravity (and we all know that gravity is great until you fall...) we started to goof around less. Because death by mountain is cool and all. But I envision myself getting stabbed by a knitting needle or something cool like that. :)

We learned brotherhood. Mostly because if it was not for other people helping us up, we would have easily died...

We did however get to hold onto some metal wire thingys. We just knew that if our fingers slipped, there was nothing holding us to the mountain, not like when we went to the climbing park.

We have finally reached the top! The view was just... astonishing. I have not seen anything like that in my entire life. I don't think there was any way I could be any happier.
The group of girls at the top of the mountain!

How amazing is that view? I will tell you. It is amazing.
Heading back down. This was the easy path I was talking about. Not exactly smooth, but it was better than some of the stuff we had to climb up. It would not be very easy to fall down the mountain from this path. Which I was grateful for.
Now for some amazing views. Eat your heart out Americans!

I filled up on some amazing pea soup after we got to the landing. It was amazing. For real. We got stuck up on the landing because of lightening for a little over an hour. We learned that older Germans don't know how to form a line, and continue cutting in line. We discussed elbowing some of them in the face to prove that there was no cutting in line. Instead we stood quietly as the old woman pushed their way past us. (As if we dont SEE you doing that...)

Next up. We went up to the Cinderella Castle (Neuswanstein). Oh and we took a horse drawn carriage up there. NBD. We just took a horse drawn carriage to a castle. Oh and we were in Germany. And we just hiked up the Alps. All in a days work.
This is the view from the entrance of the castle. They wouldnt let us take pictures inside, of course. The tour was sort of... a flop? You go in expecting tons of interesting details, and I mean its the Cinderellas castle. You go in thinking its going to be amazing. What we saw was amazing don't get me wrong. But the 2nd floor was never finished. And it was just like.... ummmmm. But he did have a room that was a cave. Literally a cave. This kinda had a cave in his house. NBD.
But I cheated the system. Thank you google.
That is the Kings bed. Seriously. The woodwork was all hand carved, and was supposed to look like gothic castles. I... WANT.... THAT.... BED......!

Heres my last favorite view from the castle. This will also get framed.

This is our last day, but I am a few posts behind. I figure the layover at the airport in Zurich will give me a chance to finish updating. I hope!

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Cat said...

oh ja, old ladies usually think they can do whatever they want because they are old and you are young....

the view truely is amazing!!

hihi, ALL useums in germany are closed on mondays. ALL OF THEM. that is because they are open all weekend so they made monday their free day =)
sorry to hear that you went into that trap...
have a nice trip home!