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Thursday, August 30, 2012


So as many of you know, I am the band director for 4 private Catholic schools, and one private Lutheran school.  4 grade/middle schools and one high school.

I love what I do.  It gets stressful sometimes, like when the high schoolers are having a cranky day. Those are the worst. But the nice thing is the high school band meets at 7:30 in the morning, and I have the rest of the day to teach my grade schoolers.  For the most part they think I am the coolest, and that makes my day lighten up!

So. Last year the High school band hovered at 23 students.  It was very small. But we started up the pep band again, it had been a while since they had a functioning pep band.

Now the band is at 30 students and growing! We are building a name for ourselves and it has been a great experience.  We started a drum line this year.  Today was the first day the drum line performed two of their cadences.  The band had no idea what that was.  They were all smiles afterwards! Even the students that give me a hard time.  It felt great.

Next goal- Marching basics, I would love to march in a parade/across the football field next year.
Marching. My next obstacle!

Now for the grade school bands.  When I started last year, I was told the year before me there were only 8 students in the band ALL TOGETHER at all four schools.  My first year we had approx 26 students with all four schools- beginning and intermediate band.  About 11 beginning band, and 15 intermediate band students.

This year.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

We have 25 beginning band students, and 20 intermediate band students.  But that is not including the beginning band students who have been calling asking about joining, so in the end, it looks like we will have 50 students in the grade/middle school bands!

That is amazing!

From 8 to 25 to 50! Then next year???  holy crow. If we keep going like this I am going to need an assistant!

It has been a great year so far.  I feel more organized and comfortable. I know almost all the students, and I love my job.

This job is like wine, the older it gets the better it is.

I like wine. :)

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Anonymous said...

you are the G.O.S.! always an awesome student all grown up. You forgot to mention that over the summer you gave your extra clarinet to my son and gave him his first lesson. :)