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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Guess Where I went?



I'll give you a hint!

You probably guessed it if you follow my blog.


Yes I just got back from Florida, and it was the best student teaching experience that I could have ever asked for! I had such a blast, even if it was alot of work. Which it was. but it was still amazing!


Medieval Times!


And beach day!

I just had so much fun, the students did great marching in Disney. It was such an amazing time. During the parade, I got to walk along side of the band, and this Disney character, with giant long fingers, (some dressed up doll) who was standing on the side leaned over to me and said "Welcome to Main Street" it made me smile so big!!!

I could not have asked for anything else when it comes to where I was placed for student teaching. This trip was something I am never going to forget. Never.

Before I left, I finished spinning a skein of yarn. I have posted some pictures before, but I really really wanted to post some of it finished. So here it is!

Its the best yearn that I have spun so far. I am starting to understand how to use a drop spindle, and I am trying to get better every time. I would love a spinning wheel though. Absolutely would love it.

But for now I have to go apply for some more band teaching jobs... sigh... such a bad time to apply for education... especially the fine arts...

Until later...


Jordan said...

Your trip Looked good! I really liked it when I went to Florida (in fact ive been twice! :)
The yarn is really nice too

teela said...

Eee! I really want to learn to spin yarn. Did you teach yourself?

The art education here in WA keeps getting cut. It's terrible... Hope you'll have better luck there!

luganknitter said...

Teela, yes I pretty much taught myself on a drop spindle. Its a blast but takes forever!
I did in fact ge a job offer the day before I left for Germany, so i am now the band director at the Bishop McNamara Catholic high school and feeder grade schools! I would love to do a swap! When I get back to the states I will contact you again!