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Friday, May 06, 2011

End of the year

It has been a while. But I have a very good reason for it. I was finishing up my college career. Student teaching is done, (which I am very sad about) I am graduating tomorrow, and in a week I am leaving for Germany.

Even though I am done with school, the excitement and fun does not stop! :)

The saddest thing though right now, is leaving the school I was student teaching with. I loved getting up in the morning to teach these students. And even though my ST ended a week ago, I went back to the school this morning to conduct the grade school concert. It made my day so much better!

These are the 5th graders that I got to teach!

And the 6th graders.

Now the 6th graders were having fun on my last day, and blew up balloons, decorated the room, and just jazzed everything up.

Oh yeah. Did I mention they dumped a bag full of confetti over my head? (first thought "Oh no... the janitor is going to kill me!")

They also crepe papered me... And yes, I did walk down the hallway like that!

Today was their end of the year concert, and I was lucky enough to get to conduct on it! I love these kids so much!

Oh yeah, so we all know I went to Disney a couple weeks ago. But I didn't get to put up any pictures of me walking along side of the marching band. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS PICTURE!!!???!!! Best experience ever.

Lastly, I cut and dyed my hair. The long blonde was getting boring for me. And I was getting the itch to chop it off! So I did!

I promise, I will post crafting related pictures soon. I pinky swear. Just let me graduate already!

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