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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 4: The fun keeps rollin

It seems that every day I enjoy being here in Germany more and more. I find myself forgetting everything and anything that I liked about the United States. (Other than Steve and my friends of course!) But I have made new friends, who I have a blast hanging out with. Our instructor, Bettina Becker, is absolutely amazing. She has a great personality and is just down to earth and so much fun to be around!

I have some pictures from the youth group gathering last night that I didnt have yesterday! It was a ton of fun, and such a nice group of kids!

Today we observed in one of the grundschule, (grade school). I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the school, but I will ask tomorrow. We started off in a 4th grade class. It was pretty uneventful, except we did get to read an English story for them. The kids were sweet, and when we left the class they all ran up to the door and waved goodbye to us. It was so sweet!!!!
After that we went to a first grade class. They did not speak English so well, and a few of the kids seemed upset that we didn't speak German. Like “Why don't they speak German? Do they not speak???” One of the kids kept introducing himself, but when I would not reply back in German he would glare at me. It was hilarious.

A few of us went up to the front and taught a small reading lesson. I was the picture holder, Tasha played the part of “mommy” and Tony was “child”. The idea was that the child kept asking his mother if he could have different animals as pets. But every time Tony would talk, it sounded... freaking hilarious. He kept making his voice all high pitched. So funny!

After we finished, we all sat back down, and the students very shyly came up to us (eventually of course, because they kept coming up and then chickening out, then turning around and on and on) They all wanted to introduce themselves to us “my name is...” It was adorable. Then they wanted to hold our hands all the way over to the university, which was about a... 5 minute walk. I felt so loved!

We also got to observe their dance/gym class. They are preparing for a celebration next weekend, and they have prepared a dance for the celebration before the dinner. We got to participate in the dance today, and we were invited to dance in the celebration next weekend!!! They let us learn the dance behind the kids, and then once we got it, we were able to move up to the front line with them.

t felt great being a kid again, we had a great time. One of the moves you have to smack your own butt, then the next move you have to slap your neighbors butt. I decided it probably was not appropriate to smack a grade schoolers butt. But let me tell you, the boy next to me had no issue slapping my butt! Twice too!

We will be back Monday to observe at this school, and hopefully I will finally get to observe a music class!!!

Oh yeah, dinner was amazing tonight!

And afterwards, the girls and I walked around town looking for a good bar, and ended up getting ice cream. I love this bunch!


Mitchypoo said...

It's so interesting to see everything about your trip. Thank you for sharing it.

I'm curious if you will be able to go to the yarn shop that carries Wollmeise in Germany?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Tony's Mom

Cat said...

i was wonderig where you are (because that on your plate looks like spƤtzle, which would mean that you are in the south western part...but are you in the same city all the time? or are you moving?)
i really enjoy reading about your journey =)

luganknitter said...

We are in the Southern part of Germany, staying in Esslingen. That is where our hotel is located, and we are visiting schools mostly in Esslingen so far.

We do travel though, and have plenty of field trips planned out for these three weeks. I know Munich is in store for us, so we will be traveling there too!

Cat said...

great! france should also not be too far and worth a trip. i grew up between stutgart and karlsruhe (which is pretty beautiful btw). a very nice area =)

luganknitter said...

mitchypoo= I am in fact about 2.5 hours away from that yarn store. Its too bad that I dont have any free days to take the train out there!