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Saturday, May 28, 2011


We traveled (yesterday) to Ludwigsburg! We got to walk around, and see the Baroque palace! It was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. (at least on the inside...)
I will give you a little tour!

Look at those chandeliers!
The paintings on the ceilings were different and amazing in every room!
That fat man, is the man who lived here. Lucky fat man!
Look at that bedroom! Can you say jealous? That was the Dukes room
This is the queens room. Yes please. I could live there!
We kept interupting wedding pictures while taking our tour. This is another moment that I was seething with jealousy! I only wish I could take pictures on my wedding day in a palace!!!
Look at that ceiling! I could be quite content laying on the floor looking up for hours!

Beautiful hallways, everything so colorful and ornate.
I just cannot get enough of the ceilings...
Funny story about this room. Mirrors were quite expensive years and years ago. People who were worth something stocked up on mirrors, and most palaces have a mirror room. One of the dukes would use this room.... with his mistress. As the tour guide said, he wanted to "see" what he was doing. One of the times the duke was looking for some hanky panky, he popped a "viagra" type pill, and then had a heart attack and died. In his mirror room. Before his mistress made it to his side. If FML.com existed back then, he would have a perfect story to tell!
Look at the gardens!
This was a pond behind the palace, before heading into the fairytale land. The fairy tale land was a trail of German fairy tale stories. German fairy tale stories are quite dark, and dont always seem to have a happy ending. Actually they never seem to. Disney just kills what fairy tales really are!
The lizard before we headed into fairytale land
Oh yes. And it seems that Micheal Jackson finally was able to find his place in the world. With 7 very short men.... :)

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Cat said...

yahh, i did not like fairy tales when i was a kid.. at least not the ones by hans christian andersen or the brothers grim because they are freakin' scary and always sad in the end...