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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 7-Sunday: Spa day!

A couple of the girls and our professor decided that they wanted to go to a horse breeding center (not sure if that is exactly what it was...)

So the rest of us, minus Tony of course, slapped on our swim suits and went to the local spa and pool, Merkel'sches Schwimmba.

So glad we did!

We walked up to this spa, with the wonderful art on the outside of the building. Young ones avert your eyes!

We paid 5ish Euro for the mineral bath, and sauna service. The building is huge, and beautiful. Oh it was beautiful!

The mineral bath was amazing.

" A bath for the senses. Weightless you glide along. "Sodium-calcium-chloride-sulfate Mineralthermalsäuerling" is the technical term for the precious liquid that gushes from the ground 200 meters. The special mix regenerated and revitalized. The skin is tender, the cycle mobilized, relaxes the muscles. Lose yourself in pleasant, warm thermal mineral water and feel the soothing effect for body and soul. "

It tasted like salt water. So you know its good. :)

The water seemed thicker, floating was so simple. It was nice to just float along with your ears under the water. There was even music playing under the water! It was so.... upscale.

A couple of us went on an adventure to see where the saunas were, and found a steam room, sat in that for a while. Then we found a small bath next to the sauna. I stuck my finger in thinking it was going to be warm. So so wrong. It was colder than ice. Maybe to cool off for the sauna? Not sure, but it felt great after getting out of the sauna. I thought Bikram Yoga was intense. This has beat the cake for intense temperatures!

We were drenched in sweat within seconds. But the freezing bath was amazing right afterwards.

We walked around for a little bit and turned a corner to see a full frontal of an older man. We quickly turned the opposite direction... but we will probably be scarred for life. Funny thing is... the man just laughed at our reaction. I'm guessing he could probably tell by our reaction that we were Americans.

Europeans use sexuality a bunch more than we do. In the train station there was a full frontal of a very attractive woman. Full Frontal. Everything was there. No bathing suit or bra.

I felt like a weirdo for staring, but I am just not used to it! People just walk past like they see it every day. And they do! Its nuts...

Until Tomorrow!

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Cat said...

that is exactly what you do, first sauna then the cold bath =)

i was not aware that we have more nakedness than america... i know that we have lot of it tho..
sometimes it gets really anoying!