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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1: Germany

So I want to start off this post with the FO that I sewed up right before I left for Germany. I finished this quilt a couple days before I left and in good timing too. I handed it over to Steve's mom and she said she loved it. So I am a happy camper, knowing that I can finish a baby quilt in less than a week!

Now for the Germany trip!
We took off and I was hoping to get some sleep. The woman next to me was amazing! She was from Sweden, and was heading home from Las Vegas. The job she works at goes on a business trip every year, and they get to go to places like Australia, Ireland, the US. I want her job. I don't know what it is. But I want it!

I literally did not get more than an hour of sleep on the 8 hour plane ride to Copenhagen. I was smushed and could not get comfortable in my seat. Every time I would get comfortable I would wake up 10 minutes later with a numb butt.

It just did not work out for me.
So I ended up reading a book that I bought in the airport. Thought it was about a mother and her sons injury. Turns out it was a book entirely about cheating. It really put me on edge for the rest of the flight! but now that I finished it I am feeling a little less irritated!

We stopped in Copenhagen, Denmark for the layover. And of course. We bought Danishes.
And ate them.
But not really.

Flying over Germany was surreal. It does not really look all that different from the United States, except that it seems all the roofs are red. And beautiful!

We did not do much today, it was a bunch of waiting and standing and sitting and more sitting... With absolutely no sleep....

But when we got to the hotel room, I was in awe. It is not that small, plus the view is amazing! You can throw open the windows and stick your head outside. The culture smacks you right in the face! There is a river and waterfall outside of our windows, and if the window is shut you cannot hear it. But as soon as you open the window, it is like you are standing right next to it! Heres some pictures from the hotel room.

I think the biggest area of culture shock I am having is how perfect the streets look. Its almost like I went to Disney and was walking through the Hogwarts area. It just seems too perfect. Especially when you can see the rolling fields behind the buildings!

It has only been on day, but I am falling in love with this place. I may never want to leave! I am sad though because Steve is not able to get Skype on his computer... So I will miss talking to him during these three weeks...


A. Suds said...

Hogwarts is at Universal, not Disney. Also, have fun. Eat some weinersnitzel for me.

Renee Anne said...

That's how I felt about Salzburg, Austria...I seriously did not want to leave. I spent the rest of my month in Austria/Germany so sick with the flu that I didn't want to do much else.

If you get a chance, take the train over to Salzburg and walk around the altstadt...visit Mozart's birthplace and take the Sound of Music tour. It was good times.

I did watch the clock change in Munich, too...but again, so sick I didn't pay much attention (or have my camera!).

luganknitter said...

OMG that is such a good idea! I just might! We are trying to decide if we are going to paris on our free weekend or not! It depends on how much it will cost for train tickets!

Kim said...

What an opportunity to go on this trip... love the photos. The town streets are amazing...

Cat said...

funny, i never thought about the red roofs or the look of the streets... nice to hear an other point of view on what seems so normal to me =)