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Saturday, July 02, 2011

All moved in.... ish

Hey everyone,
So, I am technically moved into my new apartment. I have all the esseentials, bed, couch, tv, kitchen table, chairs, bookshelf, yadda yadda yadda.

Moving a dresser from the rents place on Tuesday, so I can finally stop living out of garbage bags full of clothes. Not fun... THe wrinkles are nuts to deal with when you have no iron, and have to pay a dollar to use the dryer...

I have been keeping busy though, I have stopped by the high school a few times, organized the band room to look like a band room. I collected all the music laying around and brought it to the music storage room (its a mess in there, but thankfully not too bad). I did realize that the band is going to need to purchase more mallets for the percussion section. I found one matching set, and also found out that one of the sticks was broken in half... Unless of course, the students provide their own, which is something I should ask about soon!

It's hot in the school, like sweltering. I will be bringing a couple of my home fans to hopefully cool off the music storage room so I can get some work done in there come Wednesday. But for now I am home at my parents place celebrating the 4th of July with a block party and a few cold drinks.

Oh yeah, and I get to celebrate mine and Steve's anniversary with sushi and Schaumburg Flyers baseball game! He asked me out on the fourth of July, which I thought was sweet until he let it slip that if its on a holiday then its less easy to forget about. I was upset for a millisecond until I realized... he is absolutely correct...

So. What have I been doing craft wise? Well no cable and internet means that I have a bunch of free time to watch my three series of Two and a Half Men, and craft. So here is what I have been up to!

I finally finished my mother's scarf. Which I had promised her back in January... Oops. Well it has some nice autumn colors so hopefully she will be able to use it once it starts getting cooler. (if that EVER happens....)

Next up is a quick hat I crocheted when I realized I had to start stash busting because I have boxes of yarn that needs to be used up. Too bad I barely used any of that skein of yarn. I love it though. I cannot remember for the life of me what the yarn is, but it is soooo soft.

I finished up the baby blanket with a cute flower that matches the edging. I actually really enjoyed doing this blanket, mostly because I knew that I wanted to make it cute, as I am not really a cutesy type of a girl. But I think I did good!

I was going through my yarn stash and came across yarn that I had spun up last year, but it was not skeined up or even wrapped correctly (I did not have a yarn swift until earlier this year) So I swifted it up, and skeined it up, and I just live this yarn. It is in fact for sale in my store, but I have yet to change the photos over.
It is handspun with a drop spindle, so for all you spinners out there you know it took.... forever. I have got to invest in a spinning wheel when I start getting money. (hahaha that was a joke- I won't have any money until my loans are paid off!)

Last but not least, I have some yarn that I just finished spinning, wool, one ply, not sure of yardage as I was too lazy to count out the number of times I wrapped it around the swift. I am not fond of the colors, as they are not really my type of colors, buuuut I do like how it turned out. I still have another 2 ounces of this fiber left, and then sadly... I am out of fiber! I have gone through my stash! Sad day.... I will have to buy some more soon....

Well, I'm off for now, I have to get over to the block party to do a balloon toss with the folks!

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