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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garden post!

One great thing about having my own apartment is being able to fill it to the brim with plants. Well at least the balcony.

First up is my cherry tomato plant. These popped up so fast that I thought someone came in and planted them while I was asleep. Amazing. THough still no tomatos to be seen, but as soon as they do show up, I know I am making a pesto gnocchi salad with cherry tomatos. OMG sounds so good.... Hello. My name is Vanessa. I am a foodaholic. I plan what I am going to make with food I do not currently have. I only buy the best supplies to make meals because I would rather eat than have air conditioning on a day when it reaches 101 degrees outside. I could eat a pound of cherries in one sitting. And I have. Yesterday. (hey at least its better than chocolate!)

Next up is the Big Boy tomatos. Steve planted these for me and gave them as a housewarming present. The last post I put has a picture of the first fruit it produced. AND THERES ANOTHER ONE COMING!!!

This is another plant Steve grew for me. Cucumbers! Everytime I get a cucumber I want to make Lithuanian beet soup. So good during the summer!

Then my absolute favorite plant set that I literally just put together today. Its my first collection of succulent plants! Sadly I cannot eat these. But the aloe will be great for... all those burns that I get....? Right in the center, the short stubby looking ones are called Baby Toes. hahahahaha. The big ones in the front are the elephant bushes, and the ones in the back are mini jade. I have always wanted a succulent garden. I am the type of girl who loves the bamboo plants, the bonzai trees, and anything that is ornate like that. I can't stand growing flowers. They just... are boring.

Lastly, my newly planted mint plants. yes yes, its too late in the summer, but I thought I would give it a try. So far, they are tiny. I can wait. But they are for sure going in my tea when I head into work in the morning!

There are still other plants but some of them are newly planted seeds and have not sprouted yet. And its boring to look at dirt. So....

Plant on.


Cat said...

what a nice little balcony garden.
if you want the tomatoes to concentrate on fruits you can just cut the top. but you usually do that if you allready have flowers...
and make sure to pinch out the shoots of the tomatoes. whan i was in germany my boyfriend did NOT do that and ours are kind of wild now. those shots take a lot of energy from the plant.
hope you will get tonns of cherry tomatoes!

luganknitter said...

Cat, cut the top of the cherry tomatos or the big boy tomatoes? Pinch the shoots? Help me! I don't know howto grow tomatos! hahaha

But seriously, how do I do that? :)

Sum Trinity said...

Your little succulent plants look great! I tried planting flowers this year and have now quickly decided it is not for me! I don't think I have much of a green thumb :( Perhaps if I plant some succulents, I can actually grow them well!

Also, I love little cherry tomatoes! They're the perfect size to pop in your mouth.

Cat. said...

i am jealous of your little balcony farm! i had some good stuff going... then a squirrel came a long and stole from me! boo. i was mostly sad about the little eggplant :(

you should receive your swap package soon! this week! i hope! tomorrow even!!! :)