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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy 4th!

So, our 4th of July plans did not go completely according to plans. We had planned to get sushi up in Schaumburg for our anniversary, then head over to the Schaumburg Flyers game where Steve had asked me out last year after months and months of dating. Well... turns out the Flyers went bankrupt. Oops...

So instead we headed back to Kankakee early, and got sushi from the local Krogers. We were quite wary, I mean... you have to be when its sushi. But it was actually pretty darn good! I even heated up a couple bowls of miso soup (my favorite!)

Look at how cute the goodies are! I felt much better buying the sushi because there was a sushi chef making each package individually, so I knew that the stuff was not sitting out there for days like it could in my university union.
We got eel rolls, california rolls, and boston rolls. All were amazing. So worth it, and cheaper than a restaurant too!

Next up, I want to reintroduce you to an old friend (as of two days ago) (whose name has officially been changed) and a new friend as of yesterday!
Meet Sushi and Tofu! My brand new bearded dragons. They are little babies, but absolutely adorable. I was worried they would not get along being from different stores, but it turns out, they kinda like each other! :)
And as of now they just fit perfectly in the palm of my hand!

Steve bought me everything, the log, the tank, the lizards, and the lights. So I officially have a zoo going in my apartment. Three lizards (Terrence my Leopard Gecko, Sushi and Tofu my bearded dragons) My fish tank with the four beautiful fish, a beta named King George the second, and mine and Steves cat Kitty. Combine that with the Scorpion named Fluffy, and the Snapping Turtle named Sassy that Steve has at his place... well we are going to have a full family. I just feel bad because I did not really get him anything much for our anniversary. (technically the Christmas gift overlaps because it was such a rariety of rocks and stones that I got him) But I was not expecting him to pay so much for these lizards and everything.

So I ended up making him dinner! I made a shrimp bruschetta, which was actually pretty darn good. And for the main course I made shrimp pasta, going along with our shrimp theme. We then sat on my front porch and sipped Champaign, while Kitty plopped down next to us.

It is going to literally hurt when I don't get to see Steve for weeks on end. I will be 2 ish hours away from him, working my butt off to help these kids love music and playing an instrument, and he will still be going to school to get his degree.

I know I will be doing plenty of blogging, crafting, and reaching out for kind words!

Well, off to spend the last few hours hanging out with him before he leaves for Charleston.

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