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I am a band director at five private schools in Kankakee. Music is a big part of my life, but knitting and crafting are right up there too. I own a ridiculous stash of yarn, which I am slowly using... and replacing with better yarn... I tend to knit and crochet a lot, in class, out of class, while watching tv, while driving, pretty much constantly. I have been involved with crochet romantically for 15 years, and involved with knitting for 11 years. They sometimes get jealous of each other. I think its funny. Along with knitting and crocheting, I quilt, spin (drop spindle) and design patterns!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Huuuuge Update!

Well, it is summer, so I think I have every right to craft! Considering my job did not technically start until today (Band camp), and after this week I have three ish weeks left of summer technically. There are a couple meetings, and gatherings I would like to go to for all the schools, and of course I will always be working in the classroom and music library. Though since it is usually miserably hot in the school, I will hold off on most of the music for cooler days, since it is not essential to have completely organized.

The first day of band camp was today. I did not have my hopes up for big numbers, just because the flyers were not sent out at the end of the year, rather they were sent out mid June, beginning of July. We have plenty of beginners from one of the four grade schools, so in the first couple weeks of school I will reach out to the rest of the schools in hopes that there will be more kids interested in band. It will be... interesting. We will have to see, but I am not going to give up. That is not me!

Well, since I have had a bunch of free time recently, I have gotten a whole bunch of crafting done.
THis first shawl that I worked on was with Knitpicks gloss. I must admit, I hate this yarn. It feels so plasticky and really knits up... ugh... I don't know, I am picky, I just don't like how it feels or knits up. But I have a whole bunch of it, and I am attempting to stash bust. So there you go!
This is the Summer Flies Shawl by Holly and Ella Knits. I would highly recommended this pattern if you are looking for an easy shawl to work on while watching tv. It knits up so fast, and I think I would love it even more if it were in a different yarn.
But look at the little butterflies! :)

Remember how I said I am stash busting? Well this is an example of how I am stash busting. I am taking all the leftover balls of yarn, and I am crocheting up all these scrap scarves which I plan to sell in my shop once the weather starts getting cooler. (Hopefully soon, it is horrible out there!)
It is pretty long, and soft. If I wore scarves I might actually wear it!
The next shawl I knitted up was The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. I loved the yarn I used, though... I have no idea what it is. I seem to have lost the yarn label in the move... Too bad because I would have bought more of it.
This shawl was also very easy, and it's something that I have had in my lineup for a really long time. It knits up fast, and I think it would be great in the winter. I plan on keeping this for myself! I promise to wear my shawls during the cold season!

Random picture of KITTY!

I wanted to post these, because my gramma made them for me when I was born. I never thought about posting them, until that is, I was moving out of my rents place and I grabbed them. I love them so much! Just thought they were cute!

Alright, now for spinning. I had some leftover fiber after I spun my 2 ounces in single ply. So I spun the next 2 ounces, and went back and plyed it.
So now I have 68 yards of really pretty yellow/brown/autumn colored yarn. There is a good chance I will sell this yarn, so if you are interested let me know! It will probably be 15-20 with shipping.

I will be spinning this next batch of fiber as soon as I possibly can. (probably tonight) I saw this fiber online, and just had to buy it. I love the colors soooo much. Go to www.greenwoodfiberworks.etsy.com There is some amazing roving! I have been shopping around recently to try and find fiber and stores I love, and this was one of the stores! Check it out!
Socks. Sock sock sock sock socks. I hate them. But I am getting better at them, meaning I am enjoying it just a little more. I just can't get over the fact that they will be living on peoples feet. ugh. But this was the next installment of Liz's socks. They fit better than the first pair I gave her, and they are not as "holy" as the first few pairs of socks I have knitted.
I think smaller needles will benefit still. I worked on these with 3's and they came out pretty good. I love this yarn, but once again... the move has killed all of my labels... boo
Oh well I am pretty proud of these socks. Took me two days. Next pair will have an easy pattern now that I get the basics behind sock knitting for sure.

Lastly. Steve brought me a whole bunch of plants, including a tomato plant with my first tomato of the season! I ate it in a salad, and it was delicious! I am also growing grape tomatos, mint (for my tea), cucumbers, parsley and cilantro. All in my tiny balcony!

Ok well. I think that is it for now! I have gotten a bunch done and I believe in the next few weeks I will have much more. Stash busting- the thing to do when you cannot afford more yarn. :)


Sum Trinity said...

You have such beautiful knitting! I love the Summer Flies Shawl, I think I will attempt it soon. As for socks, I have never even tried to make a pair, by yours are so cute I might just do that, too!

luganknitter said...

Thank you! The shawl is extremely simple, just make sure you like your yarn! :)

Socks, love hate relationship. But try it! You may love it!