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Thursday, December 07, 2006

massive cuteness

after running around my room trying to figure out where my plain brown fun fur is for angelas big foot, i realized i really have no idea where it went... so i thought of ill start on trevs turtle, but i couldnt find the right size needles.
and when this happens i get really ansty, because i have projects but i cant work on them.
this is when the shortness of breathe and really heavy heartbeating comes in.
ahhhhhh!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!one!!!!!11!!!!! eleven!!!!
its not a big room so i really dont know where it could have gone.
i checked the kitty litter tubs that i have as storage, and nope not there.
i checked under my bed
i checked in the bag of yarn balls i have to the side of my bed
i checked in the projects made pile hanging on my curtain rod
and i swear to god this yarn got up and walked away.
and all i had left was a sparkly brown fun fur that i had used for the body, but not much of it, and it wouldnt realy work with one sparkly one neutral leg..
so i sat down, look at all my downloaded patterns, decided i needed to do something or i would never forgive myself for watching tv and not knitting.
and i found one, light brown yarn and sparkly fun fur.
and of course, most of the stuff i start making share a fond resemblance of a phallic symbol.
and this one just happened to be a very hairy phallic symbol.

But she sure is cute! i decided on a quick knit, long sew project. this is sally the hedgehog. a very flirty smartass who uses her long eyelashes in order to get the guys attention.

oh and sally likes crocheted toast

look at her longing for it....

the projects im currently working on now consist of an entire meal for breakfast. toast, sunny side up eggs, bacon, milk or orange juice, and maybe a muffin or two. why? well mom loves how creative i can be, lol, soooo christmas morning im going to surprise her with a completely knitted and crocheted breakfast.
and then make the guys give her real food.
for dad? well right now it kinda looks like a long turd, or dare we say again phallic. or as jen says a long brown dildo, but well keep that under wraps.
actually its the handle of a hammer im knitting along with a couple nails for my fathers christmas present. i just so happened to not realize that i need silver or grey yarn including the brown i have now. so its just a handle, a very sexual handle.
oh and bigfoot. using a pattern from one of the stitch and bitch books, the rockstar patterns. only with the god awful fun fur that dissappeared. ugh...
ok well now i must be getting to a university foundations presentations, fun stuff.
wish me luck!

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