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Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Happy March everyone! It is the month of my awesome birth! (March 31st)

I was born at 7:11 am, I weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces, and I was 21 inches long!
How freaking cool is that? My life revolves around 7, 11, 21.

My lucky numbers!

A couple weeks ago, I emailed my dad about making me a yarn swift, thinking, "well all I can do is ask...." And I came home this weekend to my family, friends, and work my high school bands' pancake breakfast. When I got home, dad handed me four short wood dowels, and told me to go in the kitchen to shut off the light. (Mom had been complaining that someone left the light on in the kitchen. It was her....) I was slightly confused as to what these dowels would do. I walked into the kitchen thinking that they would be glowing in the dark or some weird thing like that.
Until I saw the kitchen table. My dad had made me a yarn swift. OMFREAKINGG.

Its heavy duty. Like hard core heavy duty. But I am so freaking happy about it. I am currently housing it in my car, until I clear off my cabinet in my ridiculously small bedroom. I only have a crappy phone picture of it right now, but I will be getting one of it in action in the next couple days.

I tested it out, and it worked like a charm, except my cats found it very interested and really would not let me get any work done on it....

Here it is!!!

How cool is that? Seriously. Best birthday present ever. My dad is absolutely the greatest. When my moms old sewing machine crapped out on me, (right when I was about done with a purse) he learned how to take it apart, replace the broken parts, and fix the timing so that it worked correctly. And then he taught himself how to use it! He was also the one who first taught me how to crochet. Which I am forever grateful to him for that, because it changed my life.

My grandma of course taught me how to perfect my skills. (Along with my grandpa's Lithuanian caretaker, even though back then I didn't know Lithuanian as well as I do now, so I don't think I learned much!)

Now for some cute stitch markers I threw together! I will be selling them in my etsy store as soon as I finish this post!

I made one of the markers with an extra bead, so you can use it as the beginning of the row. (I always find it helpful!
Check out my store for new postings, I want to make a whole bunch of fun stitch markers in the next couple months!

I am spinning again on my drop spindle. I have been doing a bunch of research, to try and find out how to fix mistakes I am making when I spin. I am going to try to use the "park" technique tonight. Pretty much meaning I spin the spindle, then I "park" it, by sticking it in my armpit or knees, and then I work with the drafting to spin. I have just been jumping right into it, spinning the spindle and hoping that everything works out. But I want to start from the basics, to make sure I am doing everything right.

I love love love this roving tho. Love. The colors are amazing. I am debating on making a two ply bulky yarn.... and debating and debating. The colors would stand out more... but I am not sure yet. Choices choices....

Lastly, a picture of a hat I knitted up. I love this yarn.
But gosh darnit... I cannot find the label for it. I know it was pricey. But I also know I have enough left over to make even another hat out of it.

And a great picture of me after my nap wearing it.

Naptime has become a customary thing when I get home from student teaching. Though when I wake up I am groggy, even more exhausted, and I cant get back to sleep when I need to. Ya just can't win....

I currently have 6+ projects going on right now... but none have made much progress. I am going to spin tonight while watching tv tho. Because I feel like it. So there.



Anonymous said...

Well I am confused :(
@ 7 pounds and 11 ounces... its almost impossible to be 7 inches long unless a health condition or anything caused this.

Happy birthday :-)

luganknitter said...

hahah I know, that part my dad told me just to be a dofus. Everything else is true except for the length. He also said I was born in a 7 11 gas station, and that there were 7 guys, and 11 girls in the gas station when I was born.

The time and weight were the same tho, which I still think is pretty cool!


Renee Anne said...

Okay, so how long were you, really?

I have a drop spindle but I don't use it. I think I've used it twice since I bought it in September. But, I went ahead and bought a proper spinning wheel. I do much better with the wheel than I ever did with the spindle.

With that said, I'm a bit jealous of your spindle prowess as I never did well with mine...in fact, I may sell it at some point. Or not. I don't know yet.

Anyway, happy birthday and such :) May you have lots of cake and pie and other not-good-for-you junk.

Jordan said...

Happy birthday! The stitch markers and hat are really cool :) that rainbow yarn is gunna look great when knitted up!!!!!

luganknitter said...

Renee Anne- I was 21 inches when I was born, so 7, 11, 21. My lucky numbers. I guess that is more fun than saying 7, 11 across the board. So 7 Pounds, 11 ounces, 21 inches long.

As for the drop spindle. I have it because I cannot afford a spinning wheel yet... sigh...Though I want one so badly!

Jordan- I have half of the yarn on my new swift, and it just looks awesome! I will post pictures when I get more spun up!

A. Sud said...

Are our beards included in the 6+ products? If not, they should be.

Anonymous said...

what does the swift do? and the drop spindle.. im confused :(

luganknitter said...

Amanda- A yarn swift helps wind yarn. If you get some yarn in the mail, or from a yarn store, sometimes it comes in a hank or a skein. Its almost impossible to knit from s hank because it would tangle really easily. So people use a swift and ball winder to wind up the yarn into... a ball.

Drop spindle is a way to spin yarn, like a spinning wheel. Only its a whole bunch slower, and sometimes more complicated. I would die for a spinning machine but I dont have the money or the room!