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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good end to a crappy week!

I want to start off by saying that this week has been extremely difficult on me! I received a text from my roomie stating that we received a 698$ water bill. Our water bills are normally 35-45 a month....

Freaking out a little, I called the water department, who said that they contacted our landlord March 9th, and he sent a repairman in to check things out. The landlord never told me or my roomie anything. Did not even let us know that the repairman stopped by.

I called the landlord, and he said not to worry and we don't have to pay. He said he sent over the repairman to check things out and nothing was wrong.

So I skipped out on student teaching for a morning to go to the water department. They said they were told that the repairman fixed the toilet, which had been running. (I had called the landlord in November telling him that this was the case, repairman said everything was fine)
If I had a receipt from the repairman then they can do some deductions. Repairman seemed to be ignoring my calls for two days straight... Water company called 2 minutes after I did, and got into contact with him....

I freaked out a little with this whole issue, because I literally can barely pay my bills as it is. So I am sure the water department felt bad, which is why they lowered the bill down to 120$. (I would hate having someone crying in my office too.....)

So... landlord... when I say something is wrong with my toilet, I am not lying. 689$ is way too much for a water bill. About 14 times our regular bill. I am not dumb. Do not say nothing is wrong.

Then! After my Germany trip was approved, I bought the extremely expensive plane tickets (non-refundable) about a thousand bucks... and a week later I receive an email stating that they cannot approve me for the class I signed up to go to Germany with. By the time I got to the email, the secondary education office was closed. Commence Freakout All Night.

I did get that figured out tho, pretty simple too, which was nice. All I have to do is sign up for Graduate school, pay an extra 30 bucks, and sit tight.

I save money, I barely spend it unless I am buying yarn. I am a stickler for money. So when someone tells me I owe over 500, or that I wasted my money, I freak out.

Thats just me though.

Now for what cheered me up!


I wanted to start a new pattern, to find out that my 6 needles were being used by my Citron. So I put forth the effort to finally finish it. It takes forever when you get to the last 11 ish rows... so many stitches! But its a good TV knit, and I was able to watch Diners, Drive ins, and Dives while finishing it!

Isn't she just so pretty?

I blocked it on my BRAND NEW............... Puzzle piece thingys!
I made Steve step away from his video games to take me to Walmart so I could pick up some T-pins for blocking, and saw that these mats were only 5 bucks, so i bought a pack, cause I am tired of getting dirty knitted items from the floor! (Fellow Charleston knitters, go to Walmart!)
I couldn't even wait to get home, and I blocked the shawl at Steves place, on his big bedroom floor. Which is not possible in my place, cause I do not have a bedroom floor. Since the darn room is so small....

But when I woke up this morning, and I saw that I have not yet blocked my Eliina Shawl? Well duh, I blocked that too! Only issue is.... well... I did not buy enough mats, but it still is blocking fine!

Eliina shawl. huge. Absolutely the biggest lace thing I have knitted. I loved the yarn (Malabrigo Yarn Lace) and I love the pattern. I am glad to have it blocking though, cause it was getting in my way sitting on my desk!

The next thing I have to block is the *GASP* Yellow Scarf Of Death! Yes I have finished it. Yes it is sitting in a crumpled heap on the floor. Yes it took me forever, because it was one of those projects you liked when you started, and then by the middle you loathe it. But being the person I am, I was not about to frog it. I finished it. All of it. Now I wait until Eliina is done blocking so I can block Scarf O Doom.

Next up is the give away that In it To Knit It won. She posted pics on her blog (http://iitki.blogspot.com/2011/03/look-whhat-i-won.html) and I am glad she liked it so much! I plan on doing my next giveaway with in the next couple weeks!

Lastly, my new workout and weight loss goals. I of course want to eat healthy. And I have been doing my absolute best to do so. I found a new calorie and workout tracker on my Ipod, and I will be using that a bunch. I also have been looking up great low calorie recipes. Yesterday morning, Steve and I made mushroom, and turkey bacon omelets when I got back from the gym. Last night we made a tuna steak salad, with browned portabella mushrooms, and baked herb garlic potato "chips". Everything from scratch and it was just amazing. Plus it filled me up.

We decided on blueberry pancakes this morning, and I asked for three but really only ate one. I guess I was still full from last nights dinner, which made me smile. Once I am done with this post I will be heading over to the gym for another workout. So far, as of Friday and Saturday, I have burned 900 calories. 2,600 more to go before I burn off a pound. (As long as I am eating healthy and not stocking up on calories)

Tonight, we are making Portabella mushroom burgers. Something along the lines of this-> http://www.ivillage.com/portobello-cheeseburgers/3-r-310704

Can you tell that we are a couple that likes mushrooms? Loves actually.

I just have to make sure I am not too tired during the week nights, so that I can go workout and keep myself going.

Does anyone out there have any good low calorie meals? I am pretty good on dinners, but its the lunchs that I have to pack for school that really throw me off. I eat my sandwich and I am still starving. So I need something else to fill me up! Give me some ideas!

That is all for today.
Tomorrow starts the Second Annual Knitting and Crochet Week!! I am so excited! http://eskimimiknits.com/knitting-and-crochet-blog-week-2011/

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