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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hats for Haiti

I want to start off this post by talking about Estella's awesome idea for donating hats for Haiti.
Go check out her blog at this website -> http://justonemorerowplease.blogspot.com/2011/02/hats-for-haiti.html

I have multiple hats laying around, ones that I have made, but have not necessarily given away or sold.
I thought, 'hey why not' when I saw her post. I also have some free time in between my band periods, and usually I work on my Citron, or something of the sort. But I have been working on hats, and I hope to have another three done by the end of the week. Check out her blog! I follow it now, and I think this is a great idea!

These are a few hats that I had laying around, and I will donate these to Estella by the end of the week! I am planning on a few more too!

I finished crocheting this today, and I will send it along with the other hats I have done!

This is a hat I knit up during Casey high schools solo contest yesterday. I was planning on donating this hat as soon as I finished it, but a student saw me knitting it as I was binding off and asked if he could buy it. He handed me ten dollars, I sewed in the ends, and he walked off. It caught me by surprise!

Now the next thing I have going on is a big sale in my store. I am trying to reduce some of the boxes and bins I have laying around in my apartment. They are all full of knitted/crocheted/sewn items that I either have in my store, or because I knit them from a pattern and I am not allowed to sell it.

I have cut all the prices in my etsy store, (all the winter items) so I can attempt to empty out these bins. By the end of April, I will take all the listings of wintery items off the site, and donate them.

I have two coupon codes for my shop, along with the slashed prices.

GRADUATION2011 will give you 25% off on check out.
CASEYBANDTRIP will give you free shipping.

If you leave near me, or attend EIU or even Casey schools, you get free shipping anyways. So use the 25% code!

This is one of the bins that resides in our living room. See that awesome melted gash? Thats from being pushed against the heater... it melted, and caught 5 different scarves in the melted plastic. I had to cut into the fabric and throw all those scarves out... I just wanted to cry...

This bin is not as full, but it is strategically placed away from the heater..... I learned my lesson once...

I am also working on my usual, Citron, and that yellow scarf of death. I have done a few more repeats on it, so it's getting there. I did start another scarf tho, using the basic stitch idea behind Pedestrian Crossing Cowl by Melissa. I really liked the pattern, but I just thought a cowl wouldnt work... I had too much yarn that I wanted to burn through, so I am making it into a long scarf. Pretty much until the yarn runs out. Which may be a while!
I really like this pattern, and when I can find a cute baby style yarn, I plan on modifying it so that I can make it into a baby blanket. One of my students is having a baby, and the knitter in side of me says "BABY!" So a baby blanket is in store.

I think I will give this scarf to my mom as a present, she has been asking for something knitted from me forever. And she usually just grabs something I have made and throws it on. So I figure, why not give her something to call her own!

I feel like I am slurring my words today. When I type. Which does not make sense. I am exhausted... (not drunk) (though I have a great story about a drunk)
I spent all day yesterday at solo contest with the Casey high school band, and when I woke up today I went into Catering to make some money. I was a little upset with one of the student workers, who decided to show up drunk. I usually wash dishes, and I am darn good at it. I work fast, I get things done, and then I leave. But because this kid was drunk, he was working slow at cleaning the tables. So after I finished washing all the pans, dishes, and serving tools, I went upstairs to find out what was taking so darn long.

He was moving like maple syrup. Only slower. There were twenty tables (ish) to clear. He had maybe gotten half done. I started helping and by the time I cleared 6 tables he was still on the one he was working on when I got up there. I wanted to scream at him, GO HOME! I took all the dishes I had collected downstairs to finish them, and he still was not done by the time I finished those dishes. I decided he could finish the rest by himself and left. It was just so stupidly ridiculous.

I love that job.

But I hate stupid people.

I am relaxing for a few hours before heading into the EIU recording studio to get some cds done.

I am hoping for a good paycheck. Because being broke is not fun....


Renee Anne said...

There's a HUGE thread (or four or five) on Ravelry about copyright and patterns/items made from patterns. You should look at it. I have a feeling you'll learn something.

That's all I'm going to say about that.

As for the Hats for Haiti...I like the idea but I'm always worried that if I do something like that, they won't get where they should be going. That's why I like Knit-A-Square (group on Ravelry)...I know it's going where it's supposed to go.

On that note...I need to make more hats...

luganknitter said...

I did a bunch of research on copyright about a year ago, and the best thing I could come up with is to not sell things knitted or crocheted from someone elses pattern.

Unless I contact the pattern writer, and they allow me to sell their item. But I feel its easier to just make my own pattern up, knit or crochet it, and then sell it.

There are so many issues with copyrights, I just don't want to get caught up in the mess!

What are some of your ideas behind copyright?