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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Yarns 2KCBWDAY1

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.

Lets see.... yarn.... I have tons of favorites. Malabrigo, Araucania Quillay, anything silk or bamboo. But at this moment my absolute favorite yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select. I love love love this yarn. The colors are amazing, and for some reason I am obsessed with the way it is wound.

I think its wound with magic.

Fairies actually spin this yarn.

This yarn is dyed by tiny elves.

With this yarn I knit up one of my favorite shawls, Waves of Leaves Shawl by Ijeoma Oluo. I loved how it came out, I love how it looks. I love the colors. Have I said I love this yarn yet?

As for this yarn. It is still sitting in my stash. It beckons to me every week or so, but I cannot find a project I feel is worthy of it. It is driving me bonkers. Totally totally bonkers.

I will find you a pattern oh yarn of the heavens...

Now I must talk about a yarn that I love. A yarn that I find so interesting that I went through a stage where I spent hundreds of dollars just buying more and more of this yarn. The story behind this beautiful, catching, jaw dropping yarn is as follows:

This yarn is made from remnants and scraps of Indian saris. It is 100% silk and silk remnants. It is called recycled, but the yarn is actually made out of unused silk fibers left over after making the saris. You can even find little twigs in the yarn sometimes depending on how it was made.

What is this yarn?
It's the Himalayan Yarn, Nepalese Yarn, Kathmandu Yarn, Rungy Chungy Yarn, or Tibetan Yarn, or recycled silk yarn.

And its amazing. So pretty. So unique.

SO USELESS! Great. I can make purses. Scarves, hats, anything that touches the skin, NO GO. Why? Because the stupid yarn is scratchy, and uncomfortable. And it sheds like nuts.

But it sure is purdy.

This is a purse I knit with it. Put some really nice dark red fabric on the inside.

And now I have way too many skeins of this yarn, and a lack of interest. Sad, sad day..


Sherra said...

Oh man, I have a couple of those "can't find a project good enough for this yarn" yarns...it is infuriating! For now they just live in a drawer, carefully hidden from my cats(who can destroy almost anything). Every once in a while I'll go through that drawer and say to myself, holy crap! I forgot I even had this!

The shawl is beautiful! I need to start knitting, or sewing, or something again! I'm in a bit of a crafting lull right now...how do you manage to be so awesomely productive all the time?

Amy said...

This is a lovely shawl!

luganknitter said...

Amy- Thanks! i love it!

Sherra- How do I find time? No freaking idea. I know I come home after student teaching, and i either go to the gym, work, or I stick around home and knit. I get at least a half hour in a night of some sort of crafting. And I also knit during my free hour of student teaching. As long as there is nothing else to do of course!

I can't sit still most days. I am a mover!

CrochetBlogger said...

Love your post for Knit and Crochet Blog Week (which I'm also participating in this year!) I hadn't actually heard of any of the brands you mentioned until today when I began reading the posts for KCBW. They seem to be popular choices with knitters and I'm curious to explore some of them.