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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bingo is over!

The stress of winning was just too strong today! I was attempting to play 15 bingo games, each round. It was not the brightest thing to do...

And yet, I did not win one game!!! *sigh*....

at least all that money went to a good cause!

Thats Steve and me, along with my friend Ashely and one of the students Danielle. We had a table full of bingo cards, and only one of us won! I will get over it, but I realllly wanted one of those baskets! (Longaberger baskets and pottery were the prizes)

I donated a bunch of scarves and hats that I have made for the door prizes. Even a crocheted bag that I made out of walmart bags. For some reason everyone thought those were amazing. My friend Ashely won it, and when they brought it over to her, another lady grabbed it to show to a bunch of older ladies.

They all wanted to know how it was made, and it made me feel pretty darn special!

This is just a simple knit scarf, that I donated. Not sure who got it, but I hope they enjoyed it right in times for Valentines Day.

I also crocheted this scarf a while back, and I thought it would be a good "guy" scarf. So I donated that too!

Next up is a scrap scarf. I usually keep all the extra balls of yarns that I have left over, so I can knit up some of these scrap scarves. People seem to like the scrappy looking scarves, so it's always great to have a couple in my store!

^ the balls of yarn that I am using.
And a close up of the scarf so far. Nothing special but its cute!

I have a seminar tomorrow, so I should be done after noon. And I am hoping to stop by the yarn store and just say hi, because its been over 2 weeks since I have been there, and I am jonesing for some yarny goodness.
But thankfully I will have some time to get stuff done, bank visits, work in the recording studio, and possibly a new purse sewn up.

Also visiting the gym again! I went to a Zumba class last week, and it felt great! I felt like the whitest person there, but it was so much fun! So I will be doing that again tomorrow night. yay!


A. Sud said...

Maybe next time, you could just pay for your trip with 90 bingo tickets that you bought yourself.

luganknitter said...
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luganknitter said...

I think Steve and I were freaking out with just 5 each! Thankfully Jon seemed to watch me to make sure I was done dotting before moving on most times. Cause when he didnt I could feel my brain explode.
Chances are, I could have actually had a bingo. I just didnt see it in time!

Anonymous said...

i hope you got to go to the yarn store :)
I love your scrappy scarf. Not sure how you are doing the strips but I was looking for one where the stripes were the long ways and not the short way- the short way like you had the red and white one?


Geni said...

WOW! My mailbox had a happy surprise in it for me today!!! It took a little while to arrive, but so worth the wait. Thank you for my amazing prize! I will have to take some pictures and make a blog post now. Wooo!

Also, I love that scrap scarf. I'm starting to collect a lot of little balls of ends, so I'm going to have to do that too soon! I notice that most of my yarn is shades of blue, purple, and brown, so it might actually be quite pretty!