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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some updates on knitting progress!

First up, for my followers!

The giveaway that was last month has been received! (Mind you it took so long because it had to get through customs into Canada!)

She has posted pictures on her blog (http://teasin.blogspot.com/) that were wayyyy better than my pictures... I really need a better camera!

But here is what I included in her giveaway (it was the first one so I made sure to make it rather large!)

I included everything from yarn, to body spray, to fabric to tea.

I kept thinking about what I would want in a give-away, and I threw it all in a box and shipped it!

Next give away will be in a couple weeks, once I get some more job applications out! So keep reading!

Next up is a scarf a friend and fellow brother of Kappa Kappa Psi asked me to knit. Back in December. I knit it up when I was home for Christmas break, and then left it at home... *face palm* So I had to wait until my parents could find it so that they could send it to me. Of course the day I get it to her its going to be 65 degrees here in Charleston....

It was knit up in Homespun yarn, which can be a hassle, but I tend to favor it!

I reorganized my room last night, which is a huge feat because I have such a tiny room. I let my roomate have the bigger room when we moved in two years ago because... well I assumed she would have more stuff than me! In the end it turns out that my yarn storage and GIGANTIC desk took up most of the room.... I don't mind, I am barely home as it is, but it was horrible trying to move everything. Thankfully Steve came around and helped me!
Newly organized desk, moved in front of the window. (which makes me sad because I love the morning breeze. Of course when its warm outside...)
And theres my bed, which is literally right next to my desk. So you can imagine how tiny this room is...

Why did I rearrange everything? We have those little floorboard heaters, or whatever you call them in both of our rooms. I also have a heat lamp for my little buddy Terrence. So my room gets sweltering in the middle of the night if the heat is turned on. My bed used to be right next to the window, which in turn had it right against the wall with the heater. The roomies heat doesnt work too well in her room, unless you pump it to 60 ish, which for the record raises the heat in my room to a horrible 90 ish degrees.

And you can feel the wave of heat from between my bed and wall. I have found melted socks on my heater. My curtains have melted and bent.... my sheets have a hard melted edge because of the accidental dropping the sheet onto the heater.

Now you may ask, why does it get so hot in my room? Well besides the heat lamp, my room is tiny compared to hers, and it has a ton more stuff in it. So a little bit of heat goes a long way. I could survive without the heat turned on. I really could.

But heres the main reason it gets so hot. The thermostat is in the living room. Meaning if it gets turned on, the heat never stops flowing. Why? Because the living room is consistently cooler than our bedrooms, meaning its not picking up the heat in our rooms, but the lack of heat in the living room. Meaning, that whoever built this apartment has some screws loose in their head. Even if the heat is turned down to 40, the thermostat never catchs the correct heat, so it just keeps pumping and pumping and I die of heat exhaustion.

So I moved my bed away from the heater, it was way too much work. and now my room is still small. But it did not get as hot. So far. End of story...

This is the progress I have made on my Eliina Shawl by Lankakomero. I am loving it so much, I have the pattern down, its pretty easy considering I have not reached the lacy part yet. But I love this yarn, I love the colors. So pretty!

You can kind of see the colors and the subtle changes. I just want to squeeze it!

I finally started my Citron. Everyone does this pattern, and I have had the materials set aside for months. Its about time I finally make it! I got this much done last night while watching the Hawks game on tv (We Won!) So far its simple, self explainatory, and a dead brain knit. (meaning I don't really have to think about it, and I can just knit)
I am using KnitPicks Glass Lace in the Fiesta colorway, I like it so far, of course I have grown to not totally love the gloss yarn. Why? it feels too plasticky when its knit up... Once I wash it, then its a different story, but it just bothers my hands!

And lastly, my scrap yarn scarf. Its coming along pretty well. I won't be making it much thicker. I just have to find a thick yarn to finish off the other end so that it does not curl much! I might just take some of my bulky wool and double it up. Have not decided yet.

I think the colors go pretty well together, and thankfully I am stopping myself from becoming a hoarder, since I am using up all those scraps! (Something else the roomie tells me all the time, that I am going to end up on that hoarder show... ummmm except that I am actually doing stuff with the yarn I have! :) )

So far, that is all the progress I have made. I have to get into the recording studio to get some Cds on the shelf, and then I have a seminar at 1 pm until 4 pm. I am just excited that the weather is so freaking nice outside! I have my window open!!!!!

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teela said...

Eee! The yarn in the last scarf is gorgeous!