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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

5th Snow day this year

With the 6th Snow/ice day starting tomorrow!

It is pretty intense outside, but I always find ice to be reallllly pretty. We have had ice crystals falling from the sky for about two days now, and last night we got a light dusting of snow. The trees are so gorgeous... but then again, my roommate and I are pretty grateful that we still have power, though it has been flickering and scaring us constantly.

Those power lines look dangerous!
Internet and cable has been on and off, which is annoying, just because there is literally nothing else to do.


Well, I have been able to get a few things done in the snow days that have passed. I filled out a bunch of job applications for southern Illinois. (K-12 band)

I finished up my application for the Germany trip study abroad in May after graduation.

And I spun a bunch of yarn!

Here is what it looks like wrapped around a binder before I soaked it.

And this is how it looks now, after soaking. Thick and thin. And pretty!
I was planning on selling the yarn, but I found that when I was taking it off the spindle, a bunch of the thin parts fell apart. And the knots are not noticeable, but it works really well with the beads I bought. So I am going to make a scarf with these fish beads. Just the green and blue ones. It will be a drop stitch/yarn over scarf, with the cute little fish hiding in the dropped/yarn overs. I cannnnnnot wait!

As for the shawl I am working on, it is going really well. Nothing special looking so far, so I will not post pictures until I get more into the pattern.

Tomorrow, I will probably post again, because I will have literally nothing else to do.

I am battling a head and chest cold, so I sound horrible. The nasely, gross, sniffly, sneezy sick. And my nose is rubbed raw from tissue, even though I have been using the lotion kleenex... booo

I am going to do my best to not take another nap...

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