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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The epic music scarf is


10:45 pm.

Took me... three weeks? two weeks?

Not quite sure. But its done!

I am so happy about it too! I literally had 6 inches left of the white yarn when I finished. 6 INCHES!!!

I do not know how I managed that. But I am so happy I did not have to go out and buy more acrylic yarn.

It is a wide scarf, but I believe that with some wear, it will stretch out a little and become longer and less wide.

But who cares if its a little wide.
It's freaking awesome.
I don't mean to toot my own horn but I just love this scarf.
If I wore scarves I might have just kept it for myself. But alas, I do not. Then again, it is going to a good cause.

Hey Austin! if you are reading this, go to my Etsy page, (I have it set for 15, up to you if you would like to pay more :) but go head and purchase it when you get a chance. Even if you pay me in cash after you see this!)


I hope you like the scarf! Cause I put a bunch o work into it! And all my music major friends are jealous!

See you in class tomorrow!

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tido said...

What a lovely scarf