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Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting = self destructive?

Don't get thrown off by the title, but I have to warn you, this may be one of my most emotional filled posting ever.

I feel that knitting has indeed become an addiction in my life. I literally make a project a day on top of everything else I do. (student teaching and working!)

After student teaching yesterday I went over to the Yarn Studio, and I finished that Earflap hat, then I worked on my yellow sunshiny scarf that has been stalking me behind closed doors. I got about a foot of that done while sitting and enjoying the company of my fellow knitters, but then I decided it would be best to drive the half hour home before I got too tired.

So I did.
And as soon as I walked in the door I threw off my coat and started crocheting another hat. With in two hours I finished up that hat, and then started up a fun furish scarf made from the Moda Dea Dream yarn. I got about halfway done with that before I realized it was 1 am, and I needed to be up for student teaching in 4 hours.

As I was trying to sleep, I kept falling in and out of sleep. But not a good sleep. It was a tossing and turning and dreaming sleep. Patterns were flying through my head, and I kept waking up thinking, "man.... I should write those down so I don't forget them"

But instead I kept trying to fall back asleep.

I believe its because of this fundraiser in which I have to raise 900 by Feb 15th... I explained about the Florida trip with the high school band I have been teaching in an earlier post, but I'll give the gist.

Casey high school band is heading out to Florida for a 5ish day stay. Not only are they going to a whole bunch of the Disney places, they are also marching in a parade. IN DISNEY. They will also be attending the beach, and having a pizza pool party and things like that.

One of the mornings, there will be a critiquing session for the band, and I really want to be there to support them. Yes... part of the reason I want to go is because its Florida. Duh.

But the main reason I want to go is because I want to see all aspects of being a teacher. I want to follow my Cooperating teaching around and get tidbits of how to make this trip happen. I have learned so much already, but this Florida trip is huuuuge! I don't know if I would even be able to plan a trip down the hallway for my band. I have no idea what I would be doing!

So I have been attempting to fundraise. We have these tickets to a bingo game in Casey, that I am trying to sell. 10 $ a ticket. But I have not recieved any tickets yet, so thats not working out. Theres some sort of Little Ceasars pizza fundraiser, but he never really explained it.

So I am taking things into my own hands. I am working extra at my jobs, (even though one of the two is a flat pay, and I only get a certain amount every month).

And this is where the obsessive crafting comes in. I have been flinging out projects in order to hopefully sell SOMETHING in my etsy shop. I keep having people tell me "Oh wow! I want that so bad. I am going to buy it" and then it just never happens.


So I am researching and trying to find different projects that people would like. One of my students brought up making school colored hats for the students and parents to buy. So now I am going to spend my three day weekend (whatever is left of it after work and the basketball game) knitting and crocheting up these gold and purple hats.

I feel like its a disease. That I have to knit in order to live. I can imagine my hands shaking and eyes turning red if I dont have my needles nearby.

Of course, once I am able to gain some money then I will go back to enjoying my lace projects, and all the patterns that I am knitting up that I cannot sell.

Until then.... Chug a lug...

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Snerks said...

<> I feel your pain. And also I'm amazed by the speed at which you knit / crochet! amazing!