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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow day!

It's only my second day of student teaching and I get to stay home because of a snow day!

So my first day was busy, and long. Started out 8 am with high school band, I played clarinet with the clarinet section, and we ran through a bunch of pep band tunes. I missed playing pep band tunes!!!
After that I photo copied the junior high music for two hours ish, while catching up with my CT (I was his practicum student last semester).
Off to the middle school to teach the 7th and 8th grade percussion sectionals, then off to the grade school to teach a very short trombone lesson. (which made me feel awesome because as all the students were passing by they were so happy to see me and I got so many hugs! I helped the clarinets out during 5th and 6th grade band (I must have been in a clarinet mood!)

Then back to the middle school where I started the students on a piece that is an interpretation of Danny Boy with the 7th graders. Once that was done (end of the school day) my CT and I proceeded back to the high school where I taught two clarinet lessons.

Now heres the yarny part, so glad you stuck through that mess of back and forthedness.

The Yarn Studio http://www.the-yarn-studio.com/ is right down the street from the middle school, and I found this out during the end of my practicum. I have never been so happy! I checked it out once before Christmas break, and I guess word travels in a small town and a bunch of the grade schoolers knew I knit by the time I got back for my student teaching. So after I finished lessons I went over to the store to knit for an hour with a couple of the grade schoolers, and some of the wonderful ladies that knit there.

Had to leave to go back to the high school for the band boosters meeting, but once that was done I headed back to the yarn store, I had a goal.

One of the knitters there, a guy named Justin (I believe) was starting on on a mobius scarf/shawl and he was learning the mobius cast on from the wonderful owner Jeanette Huisinga. I had never done the mobius cast on, and really wanted to try my hand at it, because it seems the mobius scarf really sells well now adays.
So Justin walked me around the store (This is absolutely something that would not happen in my home town of Berwyn, random strangers just do not help random strangers!!!!) and he helped me pick out some awesome yarn and 40" cable needles. Then taught me how to cast on. I felt like I was learning to knit all over again! (but it was so much fun!)

This is the yarn I bought to make my first mobius with!

And then this yarn was in the sale bin for 6, and I thought, hey.... what a steal! :)
Plus Casey's school colors are purple, so it felt like destiny!

And here is the beginning of my mobius. No I do not have a picture of the entire thing, because my camera is pretty bad... and my good camera is out of batteries.... so you get an artsy stand still of a picture! Congrats!

Its knitting up fast and I actually plan to rummage through my stash, because I am going to take this mobius scarf to the next level! And possibly kill off some of my stash! *crosses fingers*

Next up, is what I have been working on since the last post. This is as far as I got with my spinning since I said I was going to spin that roving. Not too shabby, and I feel pretty happy with it!

By the way, while I was in the shop, I overheard a woman asking about another woman who comes in and spins. And with my nosey personality I interjected and asked if there was somewhere I can learn how to spin with a wheel. She mentioned about a place in Casey where they have weekend classes, and even lend out their spinning wheels! She said she will email me about it when she finds out about an opening. I am very excited about that, I just feel bad because I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of the place was that offers the spinning classes....

Next up, I had a little bit of Panda bamboo yarn, so I knit it up into an easy ribbed baby/toddler hat. My good ol father stated that I don't understand how small babies heads were, because I kept asking him if it would fit one. I finally told him that I will just have to have one in order to model my hats. He glared at me and walked away. Vanessa-1 Dad-0

Now my cousins new (ish) wife Jennifer, is literally just awesome. http://www.etsy.com/shop/hevin204 <- her etsy store, check it out! She said she plans to update it in the near future! In exchange for a scarf I knitted her a couple weeks ago, she sent me a bracelet that she made especially for me (I promise to post pics of it as soon as I can get batteries) but she also sent me a box of half knitted projects and some sparkly yarn. So this is one of the scarves that I finished up for her in about 20 minutes. I thought it was adorable!

And this is the other scarf that was in there, which I will eventually finish off. Garter stitch, so its a little tedious, but I do have a day off today, so I am looking to finish it off!

Lastly, I need some money help. I have been invited with the Casey high school to the Florida band trip in April. The only issue is I can't really afford the $880 it is asking for. I can get about half of that from saving my paychecks, and a little help from the parents.

I can't even work extra (during weekends) because the paychecks won't arrive until after the money is due (Feb 15). The students knew about this trip for around a year, but its only been about a month for me. I have been able to save up half since I found out, but thats about it. I would really like to go on this trip, to support the group I am student teaching as a chaperone, and of course because.... it's Florida... it's a five ish day trip including a whole bunch of the theme parks, a trip to the beach, and a parade that the group is participating in.... in Disney World... (if I am not mistaken) Then there is also a critiquing type thing on the last day there.

How cool is that? My high school band went to Cedar Point and Kings Island every year. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated it, I enjoyed it. But this is Disney WORLD we are talking about.

So here's where I reach out to friends, and fellow bloggers. I installed a "Donate" button on my blog here -> somewhere in that direction. Even a couple dollars here and there will help. If that is not your thing then check out my shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/luganchica102 . I will try to get a few new things up there, so keep checking in.

I really appreciate anything anyone is willing to donate, because this is the first time I am really looking forwards to something. A couple students at the high school say they are going to sell raffle tickets for me, (which I am going to try and do as well, more on that once I receive them) One even promised he was going to sell 1,000 of them so that I can go on the trip. And since I don't see that happening, :) I am going to do my best to raise it myself.

Alrighty then. I guess I should go knit now, and eventually I will head in to the EIU recording studio to get some work done, then if there are any events going on at EIU Catering I might go work there today too. (make some money that I won't see for a while) Gotta love snow days!

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