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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My hands are hurting!

I want to start up this post by stating that I do in fact have carpol tunnel in both my wrists. During my junior recital (and the months beforehand) I could not knit, or crochet because my wrists hurt so bad from practicing. I kept worrying that my wrists were hurting from the knitting and crafting... because that would make my life very horrible.

Thankfully.... once the recital was over, and I was not practicing 4-6 hours every day. My wrists went back to normal. And I was so grateful for that, because I even tried acupuncture to make the pain less. (AND I HATTTTE NEEDLES!)

(it worked though, after I got over the faint feeling of being stabbed multiple times.)

For my senior recital, I did not seem to have that much pain. There were bad days, but truth be told, I kept at practicing. I even felt like the pain was worse when i did not knit that day. So to my percussionist ex-boyfriend who told me "well maybe you should quit knitting."

Suck a log.

You cannot tell someone who is so committed to crafting to "quit"


Turns out it was the intense practicing that created the pain in my wrists.

Though, I must say, after 5 hours of knitting straight, my wrists do get tight. So thats when I go and sew up a purse. Or eat. Something fun like that.

So this is my "break" before I go and sew up another purse.

I want to "squee" at whoever is reading this because I sold two big things out of my store in the past day! Sold off the adorable cow playing a piano bag, and then also the grey and pink knit Everyday Scarflette. How happy am I???

((((((((((: <- that happy. The only issue now is trying to get to the post office to send them. Why is that an issue you ask? Because today it is closed. Tomorrow it is closed. Tuesday I am driving to a student teaching seminar, out of town, starting at 8 am (post office opens at 830). I may be able to get to the post office after the seminar, not sure though. Then the rest of the week I am in Casey from 7:39- 4:30. I am thinking about chuggaluging over to the post office there. If I have a big enough break... If not, the boy has offered to send the packages off for me. I just worry because then I have no control over the shipping. So... hoping to get a chance on Tuesday! Alrighty. Now for what I am working on. First up is a double knit music scarf. This is for one of my students that has asked for me to make him up something musical so that he can help me pay for the Florida trip. So far... it is taking forever... But I am enjoying it, and I am excited to see how the rest turns out. The first end, is a treble clef. Next up will be 5 white (or black) stripes, making the music staff. Then some eighth notes, some quarter notes, and eventually a bass clef at the other end. This first part only took a couple hours. But thats what you get when you are double knitting... Front side:

Back side : (yes backwards, but thats what you get with double knitting)
And a hat that I knit up yesterday for another student who wanted a black and white striped earflap hat. I feel like it might be big, but only because it is big on me. It's for a male student. So I am hoping it will fit. If not its going up in my store, and I will just redo it quickly.

For now I am going to make a sling bag out of some great power-tool and screw fabric that I bought a while back in order to make a quilt for my carpenter father. That plan fell through because it felt too jumbled. And expensive.... :)

I will hopefully get it done in time for dinner so I can make meatballs and pasta with the boyfriend! :)


Renee Anne said...

I have repetitive stress syndrome (which is similar to carpal tunnel) and I wasn't able to play for weeks when it was acting up. I had to cancel/reschedule my lessons (both piano and percussion) and it was a chunk of the reason why I avoided practicing (eventually causing me to change career paths).

I suppose if I had been knitting then, I wouldn't have been able to. That would have sucked.

I hope you're getting better with it. It's horrible.

luganknitter said...

With my old percussion instructor, he would show me how to massage my wrists so the pain was more bearable. (junior standing jury time period) And he would let me reschedule and take a week or so off because he had carpol tunnel where he actually had to have surgery. My wrists were so bad during that point that I could barely bend them, and all my fingers would be numb for hours after I woke up.

But at least I got to rest.

Thankfully, when this new percussion instructor came around, my wrists were not that bad, because he would not let me skip a lesson. AT ALL.

It killed some days...

Recently tho? Especially now that my senior recital is done and I'm student teaching... My wrists have felt great. Its a nice change!

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh! I have terrible carpal tunnel! Being a music major and a maaajor crafter I can totally relate what your talkin about ( I'm wearing my wrist guards right now!)