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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knitting tattoos

So, I was bored, and my wrists were hurting a little from knitting the music scarf (ALMOST DONNNNE!)

So I decided to look up some tattoo ideas. I already have one on my left ankle in memory of my grandma. She was one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to crafting. She taught me how to crochet, back when I was eight years old. She would always call me from New Jersey and ask how far I had gotten on the blanket she had started for me. I would always groan internally because back then I felt it was more of a chore. I loved learning, but I hated feeling guilty for not getting any farther on the blanket.

We finished it together years and years ago. I love that blanket. Purple and cream, amd just so beautiful.

She passed away a few years ago, when I was a sophomore in college. It was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. She meant the world to me. I was the last person she heard before she died... She was in a coma (diabetes), and mom kept telling me to call, because the time was coming... Dad put the phone up to her ear and I told her how much I loved her and how much I appreciated all the things she inspired me to do. That I would never ever give up crafting because it made me feel close to her. As soon as I hung up the phone, my father said she passed away. My uncle told me later that it seemed she was waiting for me to call so she could say goodbye to me...

Well... thinking about it I still choke up.

I got the tattoo in memory of her. "Not goodbye, just goodnight"
She never said goodbye to me, and I never said it to her. I have faith that she still watches me and sees all I do. I would do anything to have her back, for my graduation, for my first real job, for my wedding (whenever that happens) and for my children. And in a way, she always will be. Because I will never throw away the blanket we made together.

I love my tattoo. I love my grandma. I wanted to make sure that I never forget her. It is so important to me.

My only problem is that it does not signify all the crafting she embedded in my heart. So I started looking for something I want in order to show this. I am not someone you would expect to have a tattoo. And truthfully I want one in the upper middle of my back, between my shoulder blades. But the issue is, I do not want it showing when I get married. I feel that would look tacky. But the wait is killing me. So I am making double sure what exactly I want to get done!

So here are some great knitting and crafting tattoos! (I just googled them, so I am not sure of the sources!!!)

This one is absolutely my favorite. I don't knit gloves much, but just look at how amazing it is!!!

Drop spindle, I love it. And I am getting more into spinning. Too bad my grandma didnt spin! (For all I know)

This is getting closer to what I am looking for. A thick yarn, just because I know lines smudge and fade over the years. But not quite exactly right.

This is sooooo close! I love the heart, I love the yarn, I feel the needles are too pointy. Exact area I want my tattoo as well!

Gah! I love it!

This is not my favorite, but its adorable! I have a black kitty! :)

This one is just really cute! I love the lettering and the needles and everything. So adorable!
And last up, I love how this looks. The threads drifting around the ball of yarn look like hearts! Its pretty, and girly, and really not me! I am not a pink girl! hahaha.
I think I will stick with black and white.

Now, all my new followers... do you have any tattoos? anything crafting related? if not what tattoo do you have? I would love to see yours!


Kristy G. said...

February 10th! I'm getting a big ol' crafty calf-piece by Hannah Aitchison :) I'll be sure to post photos on my blog, if you want to follow up!

Jenni said...

I have a tattoo on my wrist. It's a little mushroom that I did myself with some india ink and a trusty unfolded paper clip. I realllllly want a knitting tattoo so bad on my forearm though. I just have to find the right time to do it!

A. Sud said...

Yes, my scarf's almost done. And no I dont have any tattoos.

luganknitter said...

Kristy! I cannot wait to see it!
Jenni-you have far too many guts! a paperclip??? thats terrifying!

I'm guessing this last comment here is Austin! I have one more panel left, the bass clef, so I will talk to you today about payment and all that junk! :)

A. Sud said...


Sherra said...

No tattoos yet, but I've been thinking pretty hard about a crafty related one! I love the black cat mauling the ball of yarn, and the heart-ball one.

teela said...

They have makeup to cover tattoos at Sephora. I've never tried it but you might see if it works. Then you wouldn't have to wait until after marriage to get the tattoo!

luganknitter said...

teela I have been thinking about doing a cover up, but Im so afraid it would rub off on the dress or something. Plus, I dont see myself getting married for another 2-3 years. (If I'm even seeing someone then)

hmmm.... decisions decisions

me said...

I have a sunflower "tramp stamp", that i got on my dads 10yr anniversary

Anonymous said...

i have kind of a tribal design (in black) with butterflies (in purple)

asil said...

well i just found your blog as i was doing the same thing as you were... looking for ideas for my knitting tatoo. i love some of the ones you have posted. and i have a few ideas fromed. i have one tat at the moment. but as i was getting it i planned 3 more. they are so addictive.
my fist is of a sunflower in memory of my father. he loved sunflowers.
thanks for posting the pictures they are great.

Joyful Darkness said...

sure do - a yarn ball in the shape of a heart with a crochet hook through it. It was my memorial for my Grandmother who taught me to knit.


Natalie said...

I just found your blog (looking for knitting tattoos). You write very well! Are you on Rav or Plurk? I follow some of the same video podcasts that you do and I VKN with those ladies as well. My Rav and Plurk name is nattlee if you would like to add me. I hope you find a great knitting tat to commemorate your Grandmother.

luganknitter said...

Hey Natalie! I'm on both! Knitwithlove is my plurk, and luganknitter is my rav! I have wanted to try VKN but I do not have a strong enough internet connection... Thank you for your kind words!