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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Third snow day in two weeks!

Yes. You read that correctly! I have been student teaching for two weeks, and yet I have only taught 3 days. The other days were filled in with snow days, half days, and seminars. I can only wish teaching would be this easy in the real world!

Well. Because of the snow day, I am able to get work done! So here are my current projects.
This is the current progress of my sunshine scarf, I am working slow on it because a bunch of my students are asking for scarves and hats. Whatever money I make off of those sales will be going towards the fundraiser for the Florida trip. Truthfully... I just have a feeling that unless I get a comp. ticket, there is no way I will be able to raise enough money... sigh....

Well, next up is this chunky green cowl. I want to find a couple of those long wood buttons. I think that would go perfectly with this cowl! Easy, moss stitch. Just taking a while because I don't put effort into it!

Next up is one of the scarves I am making for one of my students. Double knit, music themed. I am almost halfway done. If you have ever done a double knit scarf, then you know it takes twice as long to do than most scarves. Just because you are knitting up two fabrics instead of just one. But I like it, and I believe the kid likes it. So I am happy!
This is the back of the pattern, opposite colors and also backwards. But it'll happen!

Lastly, a purse I sewed up over the weekend. The fabric is from an idea of a quilt that I was going to make my father. But I couldnt find enough of the fabric, and I felt it was too busy. So I made it into a purse!

A picture of the inside strap fabric, cute little screws!
It is also the interior of the purse.
I also have to find a cute wooden button to use on it. I just have not found the right one yet...

And lastly, the pocket inside the purse. Same fabric of the exterior of the purse!

I absolutely love the pattern of this purse. I plan on making a whole bunch of these purses in different fabrics.

Now for knitting the rest of the night!


Renee Anne said...

I didn't get one snow day when I student taught (2003-2004)...but I started in the fall and ended at the end of January. I was also student teaching in Madison, WI...and they don't have snow days unless the snow gets to the point that the metro busses don't run.

Oh well. It gives you time to knit.

luganknitter said...

I believe the main reason we get snow days is that the students have to drive or get driven from miles around, through country roads that probably have not been plowed yet. When it gets windy and snowy? Impossible! I am not an awesome driver, so I know its not a good idea to drive when its snowy....

Sadly, no early phone call today.... heading to school :)

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to try double knitting but twas a bit intimidated.Perhaps I shall spend some quality time with Ravelry tonight searching for a pattern that fits the stash.