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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Battling a sore throat....

I'm sick. It stinks.

After a full week of school with no snow days (FINALLY) I was teaching almost every class. And my throat is showing the results of talking and singing, and yelling over all the classes. I am almost out of tea, which is disapointing, and I have been popping vitamin C pills like nuts. It has not gotten any worse, but I am close to no voice today, and when I do talk I sound like I am dying. Which is not the case. It just feels dry and scratchy, and I am hoping it does not get any worse. Full week of school starting tomorrow again! (hopefully)

Now I want to start up the craftiness of this blog post by pointing out the awesomeness of Beadpassion on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/beadpassion

Seriously, go there right now. I have not bought anything, YET, because of the trip I am fundraising for. But trust me, a sale is in the future. I love love love love love these stitch markers!
Sushi, I love sushi. So epically much! I want these stitch markers! Wait for me stitch markers! :)

And don't even get me started about these awesome rainbow cookie stitch markers! My favorite kind of cookie is rainbow cookie. My mouth would be watering the entire time I would be working with these!!!

And watermelon! Come on!!!! how awesome is that!!!

I swear, when this Florida trip is over, I am going to up my collection of stitch markers by a billion.

Until then, you should really check out beadpassion's shop!

Next up is the shawl I am working on. I decided i am doing so many scarves and hats for the Casey kids, that I have not had time to really do anything for myself. So I looking at my stash of yarn, and decided that I really wanted to use the Malabrigo lace yarn that my friend Sarah gave me for donating money to her at the end of last semester. (she got to graduate!!!!)

The color is Purple Mystery, and I just love the yarn oh so much.

I decided on Eliina Shawl by Lankakomero. It's coming along pretty simple, and I love the yarn with the pattern. I am epically excited about this shawl!
Here's what its supposed to look like when its done.

And this is a really bad picture (I HATE MY CAMERAS!) of how it is coming along for me. I started last night and I am working on the 5th repeat out of ten, of rows 23-36. Each row is getting slower as I keep adding more stitches. I kept telling myself this shawl would be a breeze, until I realized it kept growing. makes sense! :)

Now for the students! I am almost done!!! One more panel of staff lines and then a big bass clef at the bottem! It is a thicker scarf, being that it is double knitted. So no doubt it will keep the student warm! I am just about to run out of white yarn, and I am crossing my fingers that I don't because I really do not want to have to buy a whole skein of white acrylic to finish it off. The point of doing these scarves was to kill off the acrylic in my stash!!!

So close to being done! We might just have another picture by tonight. I have a bunch o stuff to do today though... cleaning, laundry, cleaning, working in the recording studio, cleaning, and then hanging out with Steve for dinner time. I made pork roast a couple days ago, and I would really like it is he were to help me finish it off!

I would also like to bake up some cookies!! *crosses fingers* I hope I have enough time in the day!


Renee Anne said...

Might I recommend hot lemonade/OJ for the sore throat? That's one of the things that saved me when I started to lose my voice during student teaching.

luganknitter said...

oh that sounds good! I have been chugging cold OJ like nuts, but it has not been doing anything. I will try to warm it up and enjoy it!