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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The days are getting longer!

I have been keeping myself busy. Which is not always a good thing. I student teach every weekday, from 7:45 am to around 4:30-5:00 pm every night. After school its a bunch of lessons which I love. It's always fun to work one on one with different students. Every one is at a different level, and its sometimes challenging to help each student achieve better playing ability. But It's something I look forwards to as a teacher!

Job hunt is moving along. 8 different schools applied for so far. I am really crossing my fingers for a small town like Casey or Carlyle. They would be my dream job. I would rather not head back up to Chicago to teach, just because I have experienced Chicago. And I am ready for small towns and cornfields!

But for now all I can do is search and apply. And knit of course!

First up: I am attempting to empty my store of knitted scarves and hats because it is getting warmer and I would rather not attempt to store them. So check out my shop on Etsy, see if theres anything you like and use the coupon code CASEYBANDTRIP to get free shipping. I have already lowered (by half) all the prices for the scarves and hats, among other things! So its the best time to buy!!!


So. I finished up one of my big projects. I bound off the last few stitches 20 minutes before I had to go to work. And I was so excited! Got back from work.... realized I dont have any of my pins that I use for blocking. I thought.... "hmmm maybe I can get away with just soaking it and attempting to lay it flat." But there are far too many loops and I am positive it would not hold very well. So tomorrow I am going to stop by Walmart to pick up some pins...

But here are some pics of the finished project, laying out on the only space big enough to hold it... my bed....

This is my Eliina Shawl by Lankakomero. I love it. Love it. Love it.

I knit it up with the Malabrigo Yarn Lace yarn I won for donating money to my friend and fellow knitter Sarah. You can find her at http://www.rainloverknits.com/ She is an awesome person, and I am glad I got to help her graduate! (Plus the yarn wasn't too bad of a win!)

Look at that lacey edge! I love it! It took forever to bind off. And I was getting pretty antsy. But seriously. This shawl is huge! I cannot wait to block it. I cannot wait to find a way to wear it. I cannot wait to snuggle up with it and rub it all over my face. Because. If you have every worked with Malabrigo yarn... you would understand. BTW. The colors of ^ are the most accurate of the pictures that I have so far! I will attempt to get some daylight going tomorrow so I can take better pics after I block it!

Love me some stripes.

This was not a complicated pattern. If you can do yarn overs and decreases, then you are set. Its big. I didn't check gauge cause I really didn't care to. And I am glad I didnt, because I love how it came out!

Next up is the scrap scarf I was working on a couple posts ago. I received some great scraps in the mail for RAK in the past week, which made me sad because I had already finished this scarf! So it looks like I will be making another one!

I am not a huge green fan, but it seems like I have knit a bunch of green in my years. I just used scraps for this, all weights. You have some bulky, some lace, some sock, some worsted. Everything. It adds to the texture and the uniqueness of this scarf.

I plan to sell it, or give it away as a gift. But I want to start stocking my shop with more purses and summery stuff. Just because no one really wants to buy winter stuff during the summer. Right?

Next up, my Citron. I am halfway ish done. It is an easy pattern, something I can do while there is nothing to do during ST prep period. My CT walks around the gym during the periods we have free, so I grab a seat next to the heater and knit a little until the kids come. It helps me from chewing my nails off. Which I will do when I have nothing to do. Seriously.

Now I have taken to spinning. I love it. It is relaxing and I enjoy doing it. Too bad it takes forever because I am working off of a drop spindle. When I graduate, I have asked my parents to by me a spinning wheel. Cause I swear, spinning will be my thing.

I bought some more roving, since the leftovers I have won't amount to much. I try and keep at least 4 ounces of roving in my apartment at one time, so I can just pick up the next project. I bought this awesome stuff at http://www.etsy.com/shop/woolgatherings Go there. Buy something. Make something out of it. great store!

Doesn't it just make you feel happy?


Last up are some stitch markers I bought. I love dark greens and dark blues. So so so so much.
I bought these to treat myself. I usually just use plain white boring stitch markers. But I decided, "I deserve nice stitch markers"

Am I glad that I decided that!
She has a great store. I had to hold myself back from buying anymore markers. It was a tough thing to bargain with myself. I would soo soo soo soo love another set. Especially since I am going to be working on lace more in the future. But alas. I will deal with the ones I have until I get more money!

How pretty are they! Squee!

Alright. Now for one of my goals. I want to lose 8 pounds by graduation. This is not a bunch of weight. You may look at me and say "what part of your body will that weight come off of?" (It's what they BF asks me whenever I talk about losing weight)

But heres why. I came to Eastern 5 years ago weighing 145. I reached.... 160ish, while I was dating a guy whose idea of making dinner was microwaving pizza rolls. Almost every night. And me being the type of person who wants to make everyone happy, dealt with it for over a year. And then I dealt with the breakup, eating away my problems.

That was 2ish years ago. And now I am with a great guy (Steve) who cooks for me, and makes sure I get my veggies in at every meal! Since my junior recital in April 2010, I have lost 6 pounds. So I balance around 154.

My goal by graduation is to be at the same weight I was when I got to college. 145.

So 9 pounds. That is all I have to lose in 3 months. I can do this. I have been going to Zumba every Wednesday after student teaching (if you have not experienced Zumba, do so. It is so much fun!) I am going to be taking Yoga classes Tuesday nights, and then on Thursdays and weekends I will try my best to make it to the gym to work out. Once it gets a little bit warmer outside I will start my running routine again.
Working out really does give me more energy, so I am excited to get back into a routine!


Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for my blog giveaway. I have some sock yarn, and lace yarn, and who knows what else to throw into a package. So if you read my blog, just comment on my last post! That is all you need to do!

I may extend it a little just because I want to make sure everyone gets a chance!

Alrighty. That is all for today. I hope to have some more projects done or started so I can make a new post soon!
Later homies.


Seamyst said...

If you have a skating rink nearby, try roller-skating for exercise! You burn up to around 800 calories per hour, and it's a lot more fun (IMO) than going to the gym.

luganknitter said...

I wish I had a skating rink nearby! I do have my roller blades in town with me, so once it starts getting warmer out, my boyfriend wants to take me skating! (He is a big hockey fanatic, so he likes to roller blade!)

Jordan said...

That green mixed yarn scarf is really cool! :)

Kelly said...

You know there's a skating rink in Mattoon? http://www.silverstarskatecenter.com/

luganknitter said...

haha I know there is one there, its just the money issue! I'm broke! :)