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Monday, February 07, 2011

Let's have a heart to heart

When I was younger I was terrified of elevators. I remember visiting my mother in a hospital when I was 11 years old (shes a nurse) and my dad wanted to take the elevator. I watched waaayyy too many movies where the elevators would come crashing down. The one that sticks out in my mind is the Leprechaun movies.

Oh the terror.

So we went on this elevator and I literally collasped in a panic, and freaked out crying in the corner of the elevator. The 7 other people were confused as to what was happening. They thought my dad beat me or something. Nope. Just your normal eleven year old who is totally messed up on elevators.

I thankfully have gotten over this fear. Though I refuse to go on any elevators that look unsafe.

Next up. I was so shy that I would literally freak out when ever my mother told me to talk to a stranger. I could never order my own food at a restaurant, I could never call in a pizza, I could never buy clothes by myself... you get the point. And this kept up until I was a sophomore in college.

I have gotten over this fear too. I think that by becoming a music teacher, I have gotten up the courage that I never had before. I can start up a conversation with almost anyone (I could never even dream of doing that before!) For example. This past weekend I went up to Champaign to check out the Needleworks yarn store for the second time. I sat down at the knitting table and started up a conversation with everyone that walked in. We talked about everything.

I feel that I might almost come off too strong with strangers. (or people I have only met a few times) I just get so excited to talk, especially about crafting.... that I tend to rant.

But it feels so great to be able to make new friends constantly, because I spent over half my life so shy that I couldnt even talk to new people. It killed me.

But I am so glad I am over that. Or else I would not be as happy as I am right now!

I am also afraid of heights... Which when I was 9 I made clear when my family visited the Statue of Liberty, and I cried the entire walk up...

I think I want to redo that vacation.

Hey followers! What are some of your fears, that you have or have not gotten over with?

Let me know!


Renee Anne said...

I'm not a fan of heights. I also don't like it when the doorbell rings in the middle of the night...and I'm not talking about ding-dong-ditching. When the doorbell rings at 4:30am in the middle of the week, it tends to freak me out.

I also get scared when my kid doesn't stop crying, even after I've changed his diaper, fed him, and cuddled with him (usually under a blanket, in case he's cold). That just scares me.

Oh, and I hate it when people dislike me for no reason.

luganknitter said...

I can totally understand why you would be freaked out about the doorbell. I have had a couple nights where someone knocks on our apartment door after midnight, the loud pounding: something horrible is going on outside. We dont have a peep hole in the door so we can never tell who it is...

I also agree with you when it comes to be nervous about people hating me for no reason. I tend to do my absolute best to stay on everyones good side. but I have have quite a few incidents where someone is upset with me for something that I don't know I did! I hate it!!!

I like you Renee!!