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Monday, December 27, 2010

The devil socks.... are done.

I finally binded off.

And I am so happy to do so.

I learned some things while making this pair of socks for Liz.

-I knit loose, so I have to use smaller than size US 2 2.75 mm needles next time.
-I might as well use sport weight in stead of sock weight. Then again if I just change one of these issues it might make things so much better.
-My stitches can be uneven. its not noticeable in thicker yarns, but this tiny yarn shows everything.
- Some where... somehow... I added an extra curve on the left sock.


I love this pattern- Kalajoki by Tiina Seppala.
I just did not use the right materials. So this will be something I redo in the future. I feel as if even though I have been knitting and crocheting for years, when it comes to socks, I feel like a beginner.

I knit it too big, probably should not have added extra stitches, so now I cant really block it, because if I do it will only make it huger. Which means.... when the socks are not on someones feet, the design scrunches up and looks really bad. which is why I did not show the design....

I want to promise my friend Sarah (Rainlover at Ravelry)
- that I will keep at it.
- No matter how much I hate socks.
- No matter how many scarves I can make in the time it takes me to make the pair of socks (2) or hats (4)
- I will put time aside to perfect my sock knitting.
- I will buy smaller needles... or thicker yarn
- I will find a pattern that is well written (like this one!)
- I will learn the basics of socks (which with the 4 pairs I have done so far I am slowly learning)
- I will actually use stitch markers the entire time. Cause gosh darnit it was hard to try and figure out stuff without stitch markers
- I will make a pair of socks that fit correctly, with even stitches, and beautiful design, by the end of 2011.
- I will give these newly knit, perfect socks to Liz for the 2011 Christmas presents. Because I will be proud of my work!

Done. and Done.

Now to go to my friends place to hang out with all the kids I grew up with!!!



Pam said...

You're doing a good job with the socks. I give it a try every once in a while, but then I give up. I'm about do for another try, I'm thinking of trying the magic loop method.

luganknitter said...

I believe thats the method I did, and I did not mind it at all. I would really like to learn how to do two socks at once so then things would come out more even!