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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Useless rantings of hatred socks.

Now this post is going to sound like I am complaining.

Don't get me wrong, I am complaining. 100% complaining.

For Christmas, when i asked one of my best friends what she wanted....

the reply was....

knit me a pair of socks.

Heres where the "dont get me wrong" part comes in.
I have been knitting and crocheting for over half my life, hats, stuffed animals, scarves, blankets, gloves, colorwork, you name it.


I loathe socks. I have knit a few pairs in my past. But the needles were too big and the yarn was too small so they came out... thin, for lack of a better word. I always watch with extreme jealousy at my friend Sarah, who knits socks like nuts, beautiful socks for that matter.... AND FAST!

All perfect stitches, tight, correct yarn and needles. Just perfect all in all.

And I get big uneven stitches, loose fitting socks, funky heel flaps, chunky gussets. Or maybe its not that bad. But as I am sitting here with the half finished Christmas sock on my foot I want to call up my friend (its almost 2 am) and say "SCREW YOUR SOCKS! YOUR GETTING A HAT, SCARF, AND MITTEN SET!"

Yes I have been studying for finals all day, and dealing with some.... really badly picked group partners. So my mind is blown already. I should be asleep by now. I have that stupid final in the morning.

But instead I am still sitting here, saying.... Ill just finish up shaping the gusset and then go to bed. But no... I am too damn commited to quit right now. Because I keep saying... "If I do a little bit more I can decide if I want to continue on or rip it out." Mind you I have been saying that for 2 hours now... and I still dont know what to do.

I'm going to go by the everything looks better in the morning idea, and skip past morning, and maybe look at the sock after 5 pm tomorrow. Because in that time I might actually be ok with it.

Here it is. I made it worse than it is. Its not falling off my foot. But I just hate socks.

ANNND once this one is all done??? I GET TO DO IT ALLLLL OVER AGAIN!

Sarah... I should have used sport weight!

MERRY F&$@*@#$ Christmas Liz Cook! :)

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