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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rock your world?

Ok, I have to share this.

I visited my cousin, who used to own a store here in Berwyn called "The Little Rock Shop". She shut down years ago, but still follows rocks and makes beautiful jewelry. Since my boyfriend is a big... "rock" freak, I decided to give her a call asking if she has anything that I could buy from her that he might appreciate it.

I have the coolest cousin ever. As soon as I walked in she handed me a huge Quartz, that has rutile and Tourmaline. (If I misspell something forgive me, even though my boyfriend likes rocks, I don't understand the names. All I know is they are pretty :) )
Its such a cool rock because its all clear, but it has these intense rods going through them. It is so pretty.... I kinda don't want to give it up.

Next up she grabbed a pyrite with emeralds in it. She told me that if he decides he really likes me then he can get those emeralds cut out and made into a ring for me. (Crossing my fingers!!!)

This rock is just... so freaking awesome.

The other reason I am so excited about these two amazing rocks, is that they were free. I tried to give her money (mind you I am a college student... so it was a feeble attempt) but this is how great of a person she is. She handed these rocks, with EMERALDS.... for free.

What a good day!

I also ordered him a rock from a store on Etsy.com. It was pricy... ugh... and its tiny compared to the rocks cousin gave me... but I couldnt resist. it was pretty... So this rock has pyrite, which is the gold sparkly parts, feldspar which is the peachy colored nodule, Quartz which is the crystals, aquamarine the green/blue band on the bottom, and Calcite which creates a shimmer when you turn the stone. It sure is purdy, and it has a ton of different types of the good stuff I think he is looking for.

Still working on the volcano cross stitch. still.... working.....

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