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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Volcano Cross Stitch = Best Girlfriend award?

Ok. After literally working all day on this project. I think I am nearing the end. I am debating putting in a pyroclastic cloud along the lava flow on the right bottom side, but its a big debate. Also, clouds. I feel like it needs more color, and blue would be perfect. If your reading this, should I add something? Or stitch "Volcano" on the right side and leave it be? Help? Ideas to make this more kickass?

Full out view of the volcano. The lines in the volcano represent the layers of magma throughout the years. You have the magma chamber at the bottom, with different colors of thread (red and orange, hard to see with the minimal light I have). YOu have a secondary cone to the left, which releases some pressure from the main crater. The ash cloud is at the top with volcanic bombs.

Look at those cute little volcanic bombs!!! :)

And my favorite part, the part that took most of my time, was the magma chamber. I love this chamber ubber much. UBBER!

I plan on framing it, and then gifting it to him on the 24th when my family is celebrating Christmas. So I still have a day to go before I have to have it done.

i think that I dun good with his Christmas presents.

For mom, I am sewing up a footstool cover, quilt style. Her father made this cute little footstool and her mom had a small "quilt" sewn up for the cushion. But after years and years of wear and tear, the top ripped and became threadbare. So i am hopefully going to find some fabric just like whats on there already, (maybe reaching out to some awesome quilters out there!) and then make her a new cover.

For dad?.... peanut M&M's. and the thought that he will only have to deal with two cats instead of three after the Christmas season, once I take Steves and my cat back to school.

For my friend Liz... Socks... as we know already. And those are just about done. Though I have been stalling because its not 'due' until next Wednesday. So I have a week to knit a sock, when it only took me a day and a half to knit the first one. Easy peasy.

I also have a purple Homespun scarf to knit up for a friend at school, who is paying me, so its not really a gift....

uhh.... hmmmmm I still have a bunch of UFO's laying around that I would like to clear up by New Years, so I can get a new start to the year...

But at least my big worry project is done (Unless anyone has anymore ideas!!!)

Now to bed.... So I can wake up and get more stuff done in my life during this free vacation!

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