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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Household of sick cats....

So... my family owns two cats, Callie (calico) and Smokey (grey mutt of a cat). And I have my boyfriends cat, Kitty, over winter break.

Well.... lets just say its been a fun house. Smokey and Callie found a package of ground beef that my mother forgot to put away. Not only did one, or both of them eat the ground beef (almost the entire pound) but they also chewed up all the styrofoam wrapper, and left it all over the floor. They are the nicest kitties in the world..... not.

So now I am on puke control with those two... wooo...

^ Callie

^ Smokey


Now Kitty is sick, and I have brought her to the vet multiple times. The vet gives her antibiotics, she gets the runs from the meds, and seems to get better, but then she has the runs....

The past couple nights though I get woken up by a kitty who is hacking like nuts. No stuffed nose, no runny eyes so its not allergies. She never really actually coughs up anything, but it sounds like she has a whole bunch of phlegm stuck in her throat. I stayed up with her and tried her massage her to help, didnt work. So after doing some research I read a bunch about taking a shower and letting the cat sit in the bathroom so it loosens up the boogeys.

I figure why not? except that its 2 in the morning, I was supposed to be up three hours later... No shower for me. I improvised. Put Kitty in the cat carrier, boiled some water, put the bowl of water outside of the carrier, and then covered everything with towels to keep the steam in.


Kitty can now breathe and is not hacking up anything!

I was able to sleep for a couple more hours, and then had to repeat the whole procedure again. But Kitty knew what was up now, and made sure she was waiting in the carrier by the time I came with the water.

She has also been reduced to a rice/chicken/water diet. The last few times we were at the vet they said that Kitty has the runs for one reason or another, and they put her on meds. It may or may not go away for a couple days, and then comes back. So we take her back to the vet. same deal, over and over again. Finally I just decided, the vet has no idea whats going on or else Kitty would be healthy and I wouldn't be out 200 $.... So I had her fast for 13 ish hours with just water, and jump started her diet. So far, it seems to be a little better, there is more solid now... not by much though. Its an improvement though...

Is there anyone out there that can help me out here? It's currently Sunday so I cannot really take her to the vet, and its not a huge emergency because she eats like nuts, drinks like nuts, looks healthy, acts healthy, and just seems like a happy kitty. I will probably call up an old family friend who used to be a vet tomorrow, cause I really want a healthy cat...

She is such a sweetheart. Curled up under the covers with me last night. I hate to see her sick...

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